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How to pick the right venue for your Christmas party

8th Feb 18 12:29 pm

Pointers for your Christmas Party

You could make or break the corporate Christmas party by where you hold it and how you handle it. Organising the perfect party is a balancing act, but it all starts with the venue. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to pick the perfect venue for a corporate Christmas party. We’ll also explain why these decisions are so important to having the Christmas party go off without a hitch.

Don’t try to hold it in the office

This should be a no-brainer, but it isn’t. Too many people assume the break room is suitable for the corporate Christmas party and then ignore the lack of space for employees and guests.

Using the company’s biggest conference room is a common “out”, but it fails for similar reasons. There isn’t room for everyone, the table if left there is in the way, and you’re inconveniencing them by saying “don’t use this conference room until after we clean up from the party”. A side benefit of never holding the Christmas party in the office is that you never run the risk of asking people to stay late to clean up other co-workers’ mess.

Only choose a venue with corporate budgets

Nothing is more exclusionary than saying “Let’s have our company bonding experience off-site at a fancy restaurant that half the staff cannot afford to visit, much less bring a partner.” If your company is going to hold a Christmas party, you will want to do so in a nice venue and provide the food. It is only fair to pay for the appetisers and light drinks if you’re holding it in the early afternoon or after dinner.  You may also want to consider whether or not there will be a cash bar. If there will be you’ll need to make guests aware beforehand by explaining what is contained in their drinks package.

Another factor that should go into deciding which venue is suitable for the party is the atmosphere or ambience. Consider the size of the venue that you need, how private you want it to be, and whether or not you would like a bar or not.

It’s important to consider all aspects you can to include so that the price range covers your requirements. Additionally, enquire about prices with the venue beforehand and see if you can come to a deal on an all-inclusive party that the company will pay for.

Pick a venue everyone can conveniently reach

Your employees are not going to be impressed by an expensive, exotic location if they cannot find it, can’t reach it by car in time or face a massive logistical hassle reaching it. For example, a conference sees attendance drop off for every connecting flight or public transit leg people need to take. Now realise you’re doing this for an optional party. They don’t have to come, and if they have to drive hours to reach it or fight the crowds to reach it, they won’t come. So, pick a location that is close to work and easy for everyone to reach after work.  If you’re looking for a Christmas party venue in London, 8 Northumberland Avenue is an excellent choice. If your corporate party is big or small they have the ability to cater for all. Add in the convenience of their location, the facilities they offer are ideal.

A secondary choice is providing company provided transportation to and from the Christmas party location. However, this runs the risk of excluding people whose schedules don’t accommodate your limited travel arrangements, whether parents who can only stay an hour before picking up the kids or want to stay later at a nearby hotel to continue the party.

Consider the menu relative to the consumers

Whether you’re holding the Christmas party in a large private venue or a convention centre, consider your menu relative to what your attendees can eat. Make sure anything cooked in potential allergens like peanut oil is clearly labelled and separated from the main buffet. Then there’s the common sense of understanding your team. If half your team are vegans or vegetarians, taking them to a barbecue joint for Christmas dinner could be a bad idea.

Keep it elegant

Christmas is about going all out and in cooperating several elements to ensure the atmosphere is festive. However, in all the festivities it’s essential you remember to keep things elegant. Make sure you’re working with a venue that can ensure the atmosphere is created in the right way. The last thing you want is complications that end up making the situation stressful. Speak to your shortlisted venues beforehand and explain what you require and see what they can provide.

Choosing the right venue is absolutely essential for a good Christmas party. Try to avoid options like the office or a conference room and keep things simple if you want to avoid errors.

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