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How to pack up your wardrobe during the winter period

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd Oct 18 8:22 am

During winter, the weather is often chilly and freezing. Surviving in such weather, therefore, requires one to have a closet that has the right clothes that will see you through the whole winter season. Exposing oneself to the cold can be a significant cause of several respiratory illnesses as well as other diseases like pneumonia. Parents should, therefore, be keen to make sure their children have the correct attire before the season kicks in. Below is a guide on how to wear boys clothes during the winter season.

The main secret of dealing with the cold season is layering. Layering means wearing of multiple layers of clothes on top of others. Studies show that wearing several light clothes on top of others is most likely to keep one warmer than just wearing a single yet heavier garment. This is because the several layers of light clothes trap air in their air pockets hence keeping someone warmer.

Nonetheless, too much layering can make one heavier. It’s therefore wise to look out for right clothes and use them accordingly. For this reason, when wearing boys clothes, you should consider the following three sections of layering:

Base layering

The base layer during cold weather lies against one’s skin. This base layer provides insulation and also deals with the removal of moisture from the skin. For people to stay warm, they should occasionally be sweating. Sweating can be bad if your clothing doesn’t allow free circulation and movement of air in and out of your clothing. To deal with this, ensure you put on an inner layer that wipes off the sweat from the skin.

At TeenzShop, we sell garments that are made of loose strings, which help in absorbing moisture and sweat from your skin. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of synthetic fibre clothes which are also useful in removing sweat from your skin and making the pores more open. Other body parts that require warm weather outfits are hands and the feet. Liner socks and gloves can be used to keep such parts warm.

Insulating layer

Other than the base layering, there is also the insulating layer whose primary role is to trap in heat. Natural fibers such as wool and goose down are the most appropriate and excellent insulating properties. Pullovers and hoodies made of wool offer maximum warmth during the cold weather. They provide heat for the lightweight boys and teenagers. Besides, a good wool sweater alongside a cotton shirt can act as proper insulating layer garments for boys.

As for the legs, thick wool trouser is the best boys clothes. Boys can wear heavy jeans rather than formal trousers during the cold weather.

Protective layer

The protective outer layer keeps all the inner layers protected from the outside elements. The layer traps air and stops the blowing wind from reaching the inner layers. Such clothes should be breathable enough to allow moisture out. The protective layer clothes include jackets or the heavy wool hoodies. Insulated headband, scarfs alongside winter boots can also be worn during such moments.

At TeenzShop, we sell these and many other boys clothes at pocket-friendly prices. Visit us and make your order.

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