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How to integrate leaflet advertising into your existing marketing efforts

by John Saunders
24th Nov 21 3:03 pm

Over the past decade, the world of marketing has evolved to include an incredibly wide array of tactics and tools thanks to the emergence of all things digital. From Instagram and TikTok through to PPC and SEO, the marketing landscape looks very different to what it did twenty years ago. Gone are the days when companies could place ads in a local paper or at bus stops and call it a marketing strategy.

Today, businesses and brands need to take full advantage of the complete marketing mix, rather than relying on one single form of marketing. Different tactics and tools can work in tandem with one another, complementing your message and supporting your overall marketing activity. But with so many tactics to choose from, how can leaflet distribution play a role in your existing marketing efforts?

What are the benefits of leaflet distribution?

With so many other marketing methods available these days, many businesses often opt for more digitally lead tactics. However, leaflet distribution is an important part of the marketing mix which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Leaflet distribution is a tried and tested method of engaging and reaching out to your target audiences. Whether you’re a retailer, café, restaurant, estate agent, construction business or even a charity, leaflet distribution offers your organisation the opportunity to share your message through a tangible, highly targeted form of communication. In fact, leaflets can actually support brand and product recall thanks to the fact that a physical object is delivered to an individual. For example, leaflets have a much longer shelf life than some forms of digital advertising as they often hang about people homes and stuck to notice boards or even the fridge.

Consider what marketing tactics you already have in place

Leaflet distribution can be a really simple yet effective addition to your wider marketing efforts. Before embarking on a leaflet distribution campaign, we would recommend that you review all the other marketing activity you currently have live and audit how successful these tactics are. Analysis is a key component to any successful marketing strategy and incorporating leaflet distribution is no different.

Perhaps social media marketing is working well to engage with your younger target audience, however you are not seeing many results when it comes to an older demographic. Consider what platforms and mediums your ideal customer base is using. Leaflet distribution could be more effective in engaging with a certain demographic.

What do you want your leaflet to convey?

Leaflet distribution can be an extremely effective form of marketing, however it’s important that you take your time to develop what you want your leaflet campaign to convey before you embark on its distribution. Your leaflets should be on brand and on message in order to commutate to the right audience at the right time. What do you want your leaflet to say? Are you looking to advertise your new services? Encourage more people to visit your shop? Or even advertise vacancies? Ensure your leaflets are clear and concise by using strategically placed images and graphics, and wording which perfectly illustrates your business’ messaging.

Why work with leaflet distribution experts

Utilising the latest innovation and technology, these days leaflet distribution can be highly targeted and bespoke, meaning you can achieve fantastic results through a method which has been trusted for generations.

Working with an expert leaflet distribution company means that you have access to a wealth of experience which will enable you to achieve the best possible results from your leaflet distribution campaign. Working with businesses and organisations across a wide range of sectors and industries means that each leaflet distribution campaign is tailored to an individual client’s needs and requirements.

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