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How to hire SEO services in the UK

by John Saunders
4th Oct 19 9:45 am

Hiring freelance SEO services in the UK, whether you are located in the country or another location, is easier thanks to Fiverr.com. The platform makes it possible for anyone in the world to hire quality SEO experts in the UK through its vibrant and secure marketplace.

Not to mention, you can explore other freelancers who offer a variety of creative needs. For instance, you may need social media marketing to help to push your SEO content on multiple channels. You might want to optimize your voice over transcripts for SEO, or maybe you need a fresh, new logo design to help with brand reputation. You can even set up a virtual assistant for site visitors to interact with to help build the overall user-experience of your content.

Whatever the case may be, Fiverr has tons of experts who can help. SO, if you are looking to employ the services of U.K.-based SEO experts, look no further than this handy guide. Here is everything you need to know:

Why you need SEO help in the United Kingdom

In the UK, like everywhere else in the world, if you don’t appear in search results, then you are far from living up to your online potential.

Google and other search engines serve results based on the quality of content, the authority of content and relevance. An SEO freelancer can help evaluate your current website to make sure it is optimized and recommend several strategies for improving its performance in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

When targeting online customers in the U.K., it is best perhaps to work directly with SEO freelancers in the United Kingdom who understand regional syntax, keywords, and phrases. If you are looking to target searchers in specific geographical areas in the U.K., working with someone who has experience working within the country can be a great benefit.

Identify your SEO goals

Before you go hiring an SEO expert, you’ll need to first establish your goals. These will establish the criteria by which you will base your search for an SEO expert. Then, you can explore the strengths and potential weakness of various candidates.

Consider what you hope to accomplish with SEO and how you plan to measure success or failure. Your goal may be to double the traffic to your website, or your goal may be to outrank a competitor on a list of keywords—perhaps you want to accomplish both. Whatever end goals you have in mind, be sure that they are measurable. Whether you measure success in terms of traffic, sales, or conversion rate, these numbers are considered KPIs, or key performance indicators.

Having KPIs allow you to track the progress of the SEO person you ultimately hire as they progress towards your established goals. Keep in mind that meeting your ultimate SEO goals will not be instantaneous. SEO is long-game, so expect about six months to a year before you see significant results.

Choose the SEO services you need

There are a wide array of services that SEO experts can provide. Here are a few of the different SEO skillsets that you may need to help you achieve your goals.

Many of these strategies work hand-in-hand, while others can be effective a la carte:

  • Citation building: Citation builders will use their network to place “citations” to your business name on various websites. The more mentions that search engines find of your business, the more authority it gives your domain overall. Citation builders in the U.K. will target sites relevant to the U.K. market.
  • Link building: Like citation building, every link through to your web domain from another domain increases your authority. You’ll want to build a majority of your links in-country so that search engines identify your site as relevance to searchers in the U.K.
  • Guest posting: Guest posts are one form of link building in which your SEO freelancer will find other websites where they can contribute content on your behalf. The contributed content will be designed to include a link back to your domain, and increase your authority. A U.K.-based guest post writer will likely have contacts at relevant sites already lined up.
  • Content marketing: Another way to improve your search results is by hosting written content that is relevant to the business or service you provide. The hope is that your article will appear in search results and bring searchers to your website. While the visitor may not immediately convert to being a customer, the more visitors that click through to your site via search results further increases your overall authority.

Since you are based in the U.K., hiring a U.K.-based SEO freelancer is the best way to make sure your content speaks to a British audience. In addition to the services outlined above, you can upgrade your SEO performance with these technical SEO services. These services are things you can do to make your site more easily crawled by search engines and improving your results:

If you really aren’t sure what you need, you can also find experts that will perform a site SEO audit. They will identify your most pressing needs and make recommendations, tailored specifically to the U.K. market.

Finding quality SEO talent on Fiverr

Depending on your budget and time frame, you may be able to find a single freelancer with the total package or have to select a few freelancers that have different specialities.

Either way, Fiverr makes it easy to find and hire talent. Having a clear idea of what you want your SEO person to accomplish makes it much easier to gauge the skillsets of the freelancers you are considering and narrow the choice down to a select few. When hiring an SEO specialist in the UK, expect to pay relative to experience. If you are on a budget you may consider hiring someone with less experience, but that can still get the job done. If you have the highest of expectations and only the best will do, then prepare to pay top dollar.

With Fiverr it is easy to compare the rates of freelancers while reading their reviews and looking over their work portfolios. That way you can find the right balance of value and effectiveness that you require to meet your business goals.

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