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How to hire a Sales Director in five simple steps

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23rd Apr 21 12:50 pm

The main aim of recruiting is to find the best skilled and most experienced person for the job, irrespective of the job offered. However, the higher the position, the more important it is that you avoid hiring the wrong person at all costs! Choosing the wrong applicant to fill the position of director or similar, can be extremely detrimental to your business.

In this article, you will discover the methods that international headhunters use to choose someone to fill the position of sales director, who will in no time, become one of the biggest assets to your company!

Following are 5 easy steps from the experts which, will help you to hire the ideal person to fill the position of sales director, perfectly!

What exactly is the role of the Sales Director

The sales director has an enormous influence on the operations of any company. He/she has a direct impact on everything to do with your sales team, client base, and the organisational success of your entire company.

Part of the sales director’s role is to plan sales techniques, help reps with customers and deals, enhance the sales procedure, evaluate sales tactics, assist in the closing of deals, as well as have an active role in hiring salespersons. Since they impact both sales and recruiting, it is essential that you hire someone with the skills and experience to cope with all these aspects with confidence. The candidate must, for instance:

  1. Be customer-focused – clients are vital to your company, so the focus must be on their wants and needs to give you the ability to provide solutions for their problems. A sales director with this attitude focuses more on data, insights, and building good working relationships, instead of benefits and features, so as to be of better service to clients.
  2. Manage time with a sense of urgency – time is of the essence when it comes to selling, so it is vital that the sales director is well organised and gets it through to the sales team that they must be on the go all day, looking for and making sales.
  3. Be creative – a top sales director must be quick-thinking and have the creativity to get around unforeseen circumstances, the unique requests and issues of clients, and the inevitable obstacles that the team will be faced with from time to time.
  4. Have sales experience that fits in with your company – there are various ways in which sales can be approached, so it is exceptionally important that the candidate you hire has the same or similar type of sales experience that fits into your working environment.
  5. Be success-driven – the best sales director has a hunger to succeed. They go all out to be the best in their field and are always looking for new potential sales. They keep up with new trends in the industry, face challenges head-on, and are constantly trying to improve their skills.

In conclusion

If you follow the tips above, there is little doubt that you will hire the correct person to be your sales director – a person who will help you to create a formidable sales team for both you and your company.

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