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How to get paid as a digital nomad in London

by John Saunders
7th Jul 22 5:43 pm

Who does not want to earn independently? Those 9 to 5 jobs …are they taking a heavy toll on your body?

Wish you could break all the shackles, all norms and regulations of the world…break free!

Why don’t you be a nomad? A digital nomad. Working on your own terms would be a great idea especially if you hate your office at this point in time.

You have to earn to live – whether it is 9 to 5 or independently. Well, there is another way you can earn independently in the real sense of the term.

However, payment shouldn’t be a worry in this day and age. You can even get paid with cryptocurrency as they are becoming so mainstream now. Plus, it would be great for your career as a digital nomad to get paid with the ‘currency of the future.’ There are apps like bitcoin smarter you can use to facilitate these payments through cryptocurrency.

Moving on…in this article, we will discuss how you can get paid as a digital nomad in London.

What do you need to have if you wish to become a digital nomad?

You need to have certain things if you wish to become a digital nomad. Unless you have a grab on these, you won’t shine as a digital nomad.

Therefore, you need to understand the requisites that turn you into a digital nomad.

1. Identifying and developing your own skills

Are you good at writing? Or marketing? Or tutoring? Or graphic designing?

The first thing that you need to do is to identify your skills and competency. This is essential if you wish to be a digital nomad.

If you are driven by a passion for working beside warm shores or beneath some valley, it’s fine that your kite of imagination goes beyond the horizon.

But if you are unable to understand your strengths, your kite plummets. Therefore, it is a must to identify your skills and work on them.

2. Join a nomadic community

Digital nomadism has become popular over time, and there are communities all over the internet. These nomadic communities have good networks with their clients. If you register with the digital nomad community, you can strengthen your skills and insights.

You must understand the needs and requirements of your clients, and community mingling helps a lot as you can share what you have and take from them. Moreover, nomads have access to the best clients to work with. Who knows they might take your help.

3. Tech savvy

Suppose you want to be a digital nomad; you need to be tech-savvy. Without being tech-savvy, you won’t be able to get work.

While working with different clients, you might have problems with your hardware, software, network, and other areas. Advanced digital technology saves a great deal of time for you. So, being tech-savvy is a must.

London is undoubtedly a great place to be a digital nomad. London offers a great telecommunication infrastructure to you when it comes to digital infrastructure. Therefore if you are trying to become a digital nomad, you have the facilities. Now the question is how to earn as a digital nomad in London?

There are some popular freelancing jobs that are available to you in London that will help you become a digital nomad. Let’s discuss them right here.

1. Virtual assistant

There is high demand for this kind of job. This is the same as a personal assistant in an office but you can do it digitally for different companies. Some of these positions are permanent, while others are temporary. What you need is to be highly organised.

2. Web development

Every business needs websites to organise a business. Therefore web development is a great way to enhance your skills. In addition, if you know the nitty-gritty of web development, you will find good opportunities to work with lots of companies.

3. Writer

If you have a flair for expression, you can be a good writer on the digital platform. There are different kinds of writing platforms for you.

You can earn handsomely if you write articles, articles, or simply content for blogs and websites.

4. Digital marketing

If you know digital marketing, you have an endless supply of opportunities. You will need a good understaning of SEO. Alongside this, you need to be good with Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What else

Apart from the above you can also try your fortune in other jobs like copyediting, translation, transcription, and others.

All that you need is knowledge, skills, and a network that provides you with a constant supply of work.


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