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How to get a Golden Visa in Greece

by John Saunders
11th Jan 22 5:21 pm

Golden Visa Greece is a residency program aimed at non-EU citizens. According to Enterprise Greece, the program allowed more than 9,000 investors Greek residency. It has kept attracting investors around the world since 2013.

The program offers a low amount of investment and allows family members to be included as well. Another benefit is that you can apply for Golden Visa Greece totally remotely.

How can Golden Visa Greece benefit you

If you wish to get residency in a European country, you can consider Greece as a viable option. It provides a five-year residence permit at first. After this period, you can renew it every five years.

Making a qualifying investment is the first step to attaining this goal. You can buy a real estate property in Greece that costs at least €250,000. Other investment options are also available which you can find below sections.

1. Indefinite residency right in Greece

First things first, Greece doesn’t require any minimum stay period to maintain your Golden Visa. So, you don’t have to live in Greece unless you want to. If you want to, however, you can live here with your family members as well.

2. Qualifying family members

Your children under 21 years and spouse can apply for the program with you. In addition, your parents and parents-in-law can also apply. They’ll benefit from the same benefits of the program as you do.

Public education and healthcare benefits in Greece will also be available for you.

3. Double taxation agreement

Greece has signed double taxation treaties with almost 60 countries. This agreement allows you not to pay taxes on the same income twice. For this to happen, your home country needs to have a tax treaty with Greece.

You’ll also find that foreign tax residents in Greece benefit from various tax benefits. These advantages apply to retirees, digital nomads, and many other such groups.

4. Visiting the Schengen zone visa-free

As a Golden Visa holder, you can travel across a total of 26 Schengen countries visa-free. After getting your Golden Visa, you don’t need to satisfy further requirements to get this right.

5. €250,000 is sufficient

Compared to other Golden Visa programs in Europe, Greece requires the lowest investment amount. Buying a property at a minimum amount of €250,000 is sufficient for this.

What are the other Investment options?

Find the investment options to get Greece Golden Visa below:

  • Buy real estate in Greece that costs at least €250,000
  • Sign 10 years of lease agreement: You can sign it for hotel accommodations or tourist residences in tourist resorts
  • Make a minimum of €400,000 investment in:
  • Bonds or shares of real estate investment companies in Greece
  • Greek government bonds
  • Bonds and shares of venture funds and private equity having headquarters in Greece.

What are the requirements to apply for Golden Visa Greece?

Satisfying the following requirements is necessary to be able to qualify for Greece Golden Visa:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a non-EU/EEA citizen
  • You need to have a clean criminal record
  • You must have medical insurance for yourself and your family
  • You need to be of good character.

What to do next: Steps to get Golden Visa Greece

  • Firstly, decide on the investment type. If you choose real estate, choose the property
  • Now, get a Greek Non-Resident Tax number. Then, open a bank account in Greece. It’s possible to use a power of attorney at this step
  • Then, a lawyer carries out Legal Due Diligence for you. Following this, get the promissory sale and purchase agreement, and the execution of a public deed
  • Then, prepare all necessary documents for your Golden Visa application
  • Following the above mentioned steps, you must submit all the biometric data to the relevant authorities in Greece
  • Then, you’ll wait for the approval of your Golden Visa Greece application. Following the approval, you’ll finally get your Golden Visa Residence Card.

What are the necessary documents?

The following documents are necessary when you apply for the Golden Visa program:

  • Four pieces of passport-type photos
  • Two copies of your application document
  • Certified copy of a valid passport/travel documents being recognised by Greece
  • The e-Paravolo platform: you need to pay a fee through this platform
  • An insurance agency’s certification: Insurance contracts signed both in and outside of Greece. They indicate the coverage of medical care and hospitalisation.

Note that a Greek lawyer can submit your application on your behalf.


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