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How to ensure that your workforce perform to their full potential

by LLB Reporter
8th Dec 17 2:11 pm

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As Richard Branson once famously said: “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.” This simple piece of advice is crucial to your business growing and maintaining a level of success in its sector. A key by-product of this attention to your staff’s welfare is that you will motivate them to perform to their full potential. The majority of employees will naturally give their all for a company that they feel invested in and loved by, so you can get more out by putting more in.

Getting the best out of your team

There are many ways to encourage your staff to perform at their absolute peak. One superb way to do this is to create a chemistry within the team itself between your employees. This could be regular lunches out or after-work drinks every Friday, for example. These kinds of social occasions give team members the chance to interact on a more informal basis not only with you but also with their fellow team members.

Another fabulous way to get the maximum from your workforce is by listening to them. If they feel that you take their views seriously and will let them have a voice, it will provide natural motivation to put in the required work for your business. In addition, it will allow any potential problems that could damage morale to be ironed out before they impact on staff performance.

Development is key

One area that can be overlooked by many companies due to perceived value issues is training. Don’t make the mistake of cutting back on your employee training efforts as they are valuable in a number of ways. Not only does training show them that you care, which provides motivation to perform, but it also gives them the skills to excel that they may currently be lacking.

Here are some superb ways that training can add value to your staff performance and therefore your business:

  • Recruitment – this is exactly the kind of area that most companies don’t even consider when training is mentioned but is key. By having a robust and effective training system in place for employees, you are more likely to attract the best talent when recruiting. Many potential employees will now look at what training a company offers when thinking of applying – by offering none, you are missing out big time.
  • Business development – the modern business world is constantly changing as you will be aware. The effect of this evolution is that new skills are needed all the time to not only be on the cutting edge of your industry but also just to keep up with your competitors. By investing in training, your staff will be learning the latest skills to do just that.
  • Employee retention – it is well known that most employees will stay with an employer that invests in them by providing training or funding to go on training. They see the loyalty that you have shown them and will naturally want to reward this by giving it back. This gives you a hard core of experienced staff who love your company, which is invaluable.
  • Morale – as we have noted already, your staff’s morale can be greatly improved or kept high by the personal development that training brings. A happy staff will work harder and look after your customers better, so it really does make sense to invest in training for them.

Training can be flexible and cost-effective

The trouble with training for most businesses is that they think it will cost the Earth and mean their staff spending valuable time away from their desk. This is simply not true though as there are lots of training providers out there now who run quality certified courses at great cost value. Even better, many will offer online or on-site courses as well as off-site ones, so your staff won’t be away from their core roles as long. Famous examples include The Knowledge Academy, which offers these kinds of training courses to businesses.

Let your workforce do their best

The fact is that most workers you employ will have an in-built instinct to work hard and do a good job for you. As a manager or CEO, your task is simply to harness these qualities and not do anything that will get in the way. If you take steps to do this, such as providing training and creating an environment that is conducive to working, then you will have a body of people that will give their all for you.

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