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How to add video effects for Tik Tok

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23rd Sep 22 9:44 am

It is hard to find another social media platform that would be as popular as TikTok right now. There are millions of active users in almost any country in the world. It can be easily used for posting funny videos that can attract much more views than in the case of YouTube or Instagram. The reason for that is due to the great algorithms of the search engine. It is relatively easy to categorize videos and make them easy to watch in any part of the world. But in order to really boost the views, it is also important to use the TikTok editing app for the effects.

While the original app indeed includes certain tools for editing, it is still recommended to use third-party solutions. One of the best options now is https://vjump.com/tiktok-stop-motion-effect, as it has many more tools that will allow users to edit videos fast and efficiently. With the help of this app, it will be much easier to make the content really popular. The only thing that remains to be made clear is what the user should do to add effects to the video.

The easiest way of adding effects to the TikTok

There is no easier way of adding special effects to the video than by using a third-party TikTok video editor. The reason for that is pretty straightforward — the ability to use a wide range of different pre-rendered effects with AI that can detect objects in real-time and implement the desired animation within a couple of seconds. This helps in significantly improving the content as the player would not need to do all of that manually. The only thing that remains to be done is to follow simple instructions step by step in order to get the best results in video editing.

Simple instruction on how to add effects to TikTok video

What makes VJump the best TikTok editing app is the fact that people are able to use a number of different effects to enhance the quality of the video. It is even possible to change the whole color gamut of the image if there is going to be such a need. But what is even more important — the process of using the application is simple enough that even novice users with zero experience in video editing should have zero problems with the process of enhancing the quality. The following steps should be made in order to finally achieve great results with the addition of the effects:

  1. Be sure to register an account in the TikTok social network;
  2. Open the official website of the VJump application;
  3. Click on either App Store or Google Play Market link, depending on the operating system of the gadget;
  4. Open the downloaded app and upload the video that should be edited;
  5. Choose the effect from the catalog;
  6. The help screen appears with the instructions on how a particular effect should be implemented;
  7. Finish the edit TikTok video by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Now it is possible to just use the results of the edit and upload it on the account of the social network.

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