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How the pandemic is driving the UK games business to grow

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20th Apr 21 10:23 am

While witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic globally driving everyone to sit at home, gaming has turned out to be the lifesaver for many out there. Everyone is trying to escape the community and the harsh realities that come with it. However, this has given the gaming industry a new face of challenge in consumer demand. The industry is now expected to follow habits to let people around the world look at them with new updates now and then.

New approaches to learning can be seen with the dramatic shift in the gaming industry. This has mitigated the impact of the pandemic. The evolution of the industry has been teaching all of us a valuable lesson of another kind.

The gaming industries have been driving business for other business industries as well in the United Kingdom. Sony allowed PlayStation players on a similar battlefield with Xbox players in Fortnite. Players can invite friends on any mobile device, get videoslots bonus code for specific games, and they see the disadvantage there with the small screen, driving them to go buy an Xbox instead. Another similar phenomenon is with small subscriptions where the games need to be played online with other UK-based systems. All this resulted in giving more opportunity for more upside from digital sales for players.

Considering the data from Game analytics from the month of January to March this year, the number of mobile gamers in the UK grew 46%. According to the internal data, the report from the analytics tool shows that the amount of playtime hit over 90 million hours in March, which is 62% higher than that of the first 10 days of January.

Looking at the four key strategic markets for insights into games marketing – United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, and the United States of America,

1. Who are the latest gamers currently

2. What preferences do they have?

3. How can the markets of the gaming industry develop successfully engaging gamers?

Another exciting development was that Google, Amazon, and Tencent focused on infrastructure in the country by producing new technologies which gave them royalty and fraud detection. In the next five years, we can see a bigger acquisition in the history of the gaming industry. While chasing billions of euros, a necessary competition can be predicted.

With millions of gamers from around the world

In the beginning, the gaming industry had many impacts with the growth of COVID-19 cases. The stay-at-home orders and other concerns sparked the situation and gave rise to an unprecedented number of people embracing the industry. In the UK, the gaming audience grew to 8.6 million people since 2020 March, which was a 50% jump in mobile gaming.

The gaming industry is now seen as a catalyst for bringing people together from different parts of the world and seeking a sense of togetherness within them. The surge in popularity with the number of gamers in the United Kingdom has now been driving a range of motivations, relieving stress, and giving them a sense of accomplishment.


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