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How spontaneous team building days will benefit your business

16th Aug 17 3:28 pm

Here’s why

No organisation can undermine the importance of a strong team. A strong team is not just a group of highly skilled and talented individuals, it is a team where all the individuals work together to deliver better performance and productivity. This is why successful businesses are known for encouraging team building activities and events. Many companies in the UK even dedicate whole days to such activities as they understand how highly beneficial they can be.

Signing your employees up for a team-building day can help you bring all the members together as one. The employees will get a chance to forget about work stress and you will see an improvement in the overall morale and performance.

Why Spontaneous?                                                                                                                                          

You can have a pre-planned team-building day or go for a spontaneous one. The latter has more benefits to offer as the element of surprise adds to the advantage. Moreover, spontaneous events give little or no chance to make excuses and skip the activity. There are employees that tend to be less social and try to avoid showing up on days when they have to socialise a lot.

Give Them a Break without Asking

Employees shy away from breaks even if it is much needed. Organisations need to understand that everyone needs a break, be it a child dragging his feet to school or an employee working 12 hours a day. While the child gets summer and winter vacations, adults rarely get any break to release the built up stress.

The performance of employees starts to get affected if they have been working nonstop without fail for a significant period of time. As a manager or employer, you need to make sure they get their break in the most constructive way possible.

How to Plan Spontaneous Team Building Days?   

Planning a spontaneous event may not make much sense, but when it comes to team building activities you should put some thought into how you can make the most of your time whilst there. Here are few activities that you and your team can enjoy on a team-building day.

Go for Treasure Hunts

Games like Treasure Hunts are actually a great way of improving inter-work communications and ultimately increasing the performance of your company. I have found that there are many successful  treasure hunt activities in London organised by companies with a special focus on enhancing teams through team building activities. Treasure hunts provide the perfect combination of fun with a challenge that turns a game into a skill building activity.

Spontaneous team building days will take away most of the stress that your employees deal with. At the end of the day, it will also increase the productivity and efficiency. Happy employees mean a prosperous business and having ‘cheat days’ like these will make a huge difference.

Have a ‘take an employee to work day’

Employees of one department are often curious about what people working in the other departments are up to, either because they are interested in transferring or mostly because they are just inquisitive. Allowing a team of one division to visit another department and find out how it operates will improve inter departmental connections and better acquaint the employees working under one roof every day.

Dine or Dive with the Team

One of the best ways to unwind is to go to visit a beach or opt for fine dining. Riding the waves with co-workers is a sure way of letting go of all stress and bringing minds of the employees back to their full capabilities. Going for lunch or spending a day together will benefit employees as they will have better knowledge of their colleagues whilst also enjoying time off with them. This will in turn increase the productivity of any business.


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