How rich is Boris Johnson?


Our multi-millionaire mayor earns £393,911 annually

David Cameron is petrified of him, he’s the bookies’ favourite to be the next prime minister, and is Britain’s most popular politician – London Mayor Boris Johnson is a powerful man.

They say with great power comes great responsibility. In Boris’s case, with great power comes great responsibility and great sums of money.

Take a loaded how our London mayor is:

Total Earnings

London boasts a grand total of 191,000 millionaires and our mayor Boris Johnson is one of them.

According to guesstimates by website WageIndicator.co.uk, the mayor earns:

Annual: £393,911

Monthly: £32,825

Weekly: £7,575

Daily: £1,079


“I don’t feel disposed to discuss my salary,” Boris once told LBC presenter Nick Ferrari. Well, we’ll discuss it anyway.

Boris makes £47,000 a year as mayor of London. He declined a pay rise during his second term.

His salary as MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip South is £74,000. In total, the mayor earns approximately £121,000 a year in his political roles.

Newspaper columnist

As a columnist for the Daily Telegraph, Boris earns a whopping £274,999.92 a year.

The mayor described this fee as “chicken feed” in various media interviews.

Don’t know where the mayor buys food for his chicken from because last time we checked you could buy a 5kg bag of chicken feed for less than tenner.


Boris Johnson's London home

Boris bought a house on Furlong Road in 1999 for £470,000. In 2009, he sold the home for £1.2m. As Boris was born in New York and holds a US as well as a British passport, he owed the US government £100,000 in unsettled capital gains tax bill. After a lot of hemming and hawing, Boris agreed to settle this bill in January 2015.  

His present home is a five-storey townhouse in Colebrook Row, Islington (pictured above), that he bought for £2.3m in 2009.

Book deal

In July 2015, it was revealed that Boris will write a new biography of Shakespeare for Hodder, due to be published this year. The book deal earned him half a million pounds.

Boris has written 11 books so far including Winston Churchill’s biography The Churchill Factor. According to the Sunday Times book list, over 160,000 hardback copies of the book have been sold so far.


Boris claimed £6,790 in the financial year 2015-16.

According to his latest expenses claim, this includes a flight and accommodation for his trip to Tokyo to promote trade and investment opportunities between London and Japan and a Eurostrar journey to Paris to attend a climate change programme.