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How learning Spanish can help you win more clients

18th May 17 10:16 am

Here’s why

With more than 437m people in the world, who speak Spanish as their native language, Spanish is now the second most common spoken language in the world. Depending on the area of the world the Spanish speaker may come from, there is a chance that they may not speak much English, if any.  

This provides a difficult challenge to companies who do business with a diverse clientele from many countries throughout the world.  

How cyan learning Spanish help you win clients?

One way to deal with this growing need is to learn to converse with clients in their native Spanish language. Learning Spanish can not only help you work more efficiently with current customers, but it can also help you to win new ones.

Facilitates communication

With a growing amount of the population speaking primarily Spanish, knowing the language is a great way to promote communication between you and your clients. Speaking the same language as your client will make communication go smoothly the first time and will not cause a delay in getting to the problem. Clients will be drawn to your company if they feel that they will be able to communicate what they want with ease.

Builds trust

Clients only build trust with companies and representatives that not only understand their wants and needs, but who they are as a person. Knowing their primary language and a little about their culture will help the client feel that you’ll understand them, and that you’ll more likely to be able to satisfy their needs or problems.  

While trust takes some time to build, the idea that it might be possible will make you more attractive to clients who may have a language barrier.

Makes you more attractive to potential customers

Not only will speaking Spanish make you more attractive to those who primarily speak the language, but it will also make you more attractive to other customers as well. Other customers may appreciate the additional language skill you possess, as they may be able to utilise it when dealing with their own customers or clientele.  

Also, some clients equate knowing a second language with an increase in intelligence and willingness to learn and adapt. Finally, your customers may appreciate the fact that you are trying to make yourself appealing and marketable to a more diverse pool of clients.

Helps you to provide better customer service

In any business dealings, it is the sales representative, the marketing, or the advertising that gets a client, but it is the customer service that will make them stay. Customers who have language needs will be more prone to work with individuals or companies that can speak their native language, so they can better convey any customer service issues.  

The old saying that things can get lost in translation holds true especially in the world of customer service, so knowing precisely what your client is saying will help to avoid confusion and aid you in better solving their problem.

Ways to learn Spanish

So now that you know how speaking Spanish can help you gain and retain customers, you may be wondering where you can acquire this new skill.

  • Classroom courses: You can always choose to learn Spanish in a traditional brick and mortar classroom. Many educational institutions will offer classes to adults who want to add to their skill level.
  • Use a professional translator: If you don’t have the time to learn a new language, using a Spanish translation service may be a better investment.These experts will take care of all of the important documents between you and your client, so you needn’t worry about incorrectly translating something important yourself.
  • Online tutoring: With increasing technology and busier schedules, online education is becoming a more popular method of learning a second language. You can complete your training through online programs and videos, or from live tutoring by a native speaker.
  • CD’s and DVD’s: While CD language courses may seem a little like yesterday’s technology, they are an excellent way to learn a second language for people on the go. Some programs include DVDs to watch at home and CDs to take along with you to reinforce the language skills and help you with pronunciation. 

No matter what program or method you utilise, the key to learning a new language is repetition and exposure. Learning how to speak Spanish or being able to perform Spanish translations will not only make you more marketable and valuable to a company, but more attractive to customers as well. 

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