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How Gucci sneakers have taken over business casual footwear

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1st Aug 19 9:41 am

As one of Kering’s tremendously successful global fashion brands, Gucci has become a household name in the past couple of decades thanks to its pivotal role in the development of the luxury fashion industry. In fact, they’re one of the designer brands that started the entire movement of blending luxury clothing with casualwear. With a diverse line of shoes on offer and the reputation needed to command respect from entrepreneurs and corporate superiors alike, Gucci has always been a power player in the business casual wear sector. With that said, here are a few reasons why Gucci sneakers are some of the hottest footwear options for business people in 2019:

Elegance and class combined with functionality

In many dense city environments, where the vast majority of major corporations are headquartered, nowadays, the ability to have comfort and durability while still looking affluent can go a long way. Having to wear dress shoes for an extended subway ride or long walk to the office can be a real nuisance, especially when you have to do it every day. One quick glance at SSENSE’s catalog of Gucci sneakers reveals that there are a number of options in their line that are both comfortable and stylish enough to play the part during a typical workday or important corporate meeting. The ability to show up looking classy without putting blisters on your heels is a feature that, along with the other perks mentioned below, has helped propel Gucci to becoming a leader in the business casual footwear category.

A brand name that speaks for itself

Everyone knows that perception is critical in the world of business, whether you’re trying to create a great first impression or impress your boss or a client to heighten your chances of gaining a promotion or landing a project. Wearing cheap or unknown brands to work isn’t necessarily going to hurt your chances of excelling in your career, but it isn’t going to help you either. On the other hand, making an effort to dress nicely can help, and most of that has to do with choosing the right brands and following current trends. The Gucci design theme is easily recognizable and can convey enough class to allow you to get away with wearing sneakers in situations where no other sneakers might be acceptable. Showing that you’ve invested in yourself in the form of nice clothing and footwear for your work attire will also show that you have a certain level of passion and enthusiasm for your job.

The first sneakers to replace dress shoes?

If you look up the definition of business casual wear, most bloggers will tell you that dress shoes are the way to go and sneakers aren’t really an option. But when you’re talking about designer brand sneakers, it’s a whole different story. The relatively recent trend of wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes is giving Gucci an ideal position in a burgeoning new niche because the brand has already developed a strong reputation for representing luxury and casual wear on both ends of the spectrum. If you try to think of another line of sneakers that have been widely accepted in the corporate environment, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with one other than Gucci.

Gucci Loafers are another top choice

Sneakers aren’t the only footwear alternatives that have sprung up for business casual wearers, as Gucci’s well-known line of loafers has also seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the past few years. Available in an array of colors and material types, Gucci loafers are often neutral enough to pair well with any outfit, although it’s usually best to wear them with shorts. If you do opt for pants, go with jeans that are cut above the ankles and avoid baggier dress pants that might hang down over the low-profile loafers as you walk. Furthermore, their lightweight, flexible, and airy frames make Gucci loafers a superb choice in terms of comfort and overall wear-ability.

What’s the official approach to dressing in the ‘Business Casual’ style?

Conventionally, sneakers and loafers have been somewhat forbidden in the world of business-casual, as have shorts and jeans. However, those rigid rules have really started to loosen in up in the past decade, especially in progressive industries related to advancing fields like technology. People are more creative and relaxed than ever before, and designer brands fit in with that crowd and demographic much better than the average dress shoes brand. Of course, the fact that Gucci also makes dress shoes has probably helped them slide into the market. However, if you wanted to revert back to the strict and old-school approach to business casual, then just go with a pair of chinos or slacks along with a button-down shirt, dark socks, and of course, dress shoes.

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