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Do you need a high risk merchant account processor in the USA?

by John Saunders
12th May 22 12:37 pm

If your business is labelled “high-risk” by payment processing companies, you need a high-risk merchant account. Many payment processors will deny services if they see that you are processing within a high-risk industry. You may also be considered a high-risk business for a number of other reasons, e.g. personal financial data, transactional history, business model, etc.

When this happens, clients will not able to buy from you and will likely go to your competitors to fulfill their needs. So, it is important to make sure you are partnered up with a merchant account company that is experienced in offering high-risk merchant account services so you can effectively process payments. HRMA-LLC is a service provider you can count on in this regard.

Company overview

High risk merchant account LLC (HRMA-LLC) is the nation’s go-to provider for high-risk merchant account solutions. The company offers reliable merchant account services for clients considered high-risk. High-risk businesses are the ones that a have higher risk of chargebacks or frauds. Some businesses are considered high-risk due to their industry. In other cases, a business might be labeled as high-risk because of other factors, e.g. high volume of transactions, types of services offered, company’s financial history, etc. This can make it very difficult to do business so it’s crucial to work with the right provider. HRMA-LLC is one of the leading merchant service providers with services and solutions suited for the industry your business serves. The company supports wide range of businesses and industries, including the high-risk ones, and offers the tools needed for success.

Services offered

HRMA-LLC offers comprehensive range of payment processing solutions. Through years of experience, the company has helped businesses of all sizes increase sales, reduce expenses, raise productivity, and streamline processes. It offers the following services:

  • High risk merchant processing: As a business, you strive to make the credit card acceptance process a positive experience for your customers. To accept credit cards online, via text message, or over the phone, you must first obtain a merchant account. HRMA-LLC makes the application process transparent and straightforward – from underwriting to setup, their expert team will be on your side every step of the way.
  • ACH payment processing: HRMA-LLC offers state-of-the-art ACH payment processing solutions. Their platform allows their clients to process check electronically without any hassle. In order to ensure success, a business must offer easy-to-use and flexible payment options for their customer base. Offering a reliable ACH payment solution lets them offer their customers the ability to pay efficiently and quickly with their checking account – whether over the phone, online, or even via text message.
  • eCommerce merchant accounts: Customers across various industries use the internet to buy services and goods. If you are not providing an eCommerce payment option, you are basically losing business unnecessarily. The eCommerce payment processing solutions offered by HRMA-LLC are easy to integrate into your website and allow you to receive payments in real-time.
  • Chargeback alerts: Chargeback procedures and rule are constantly evolving. This leaves room for merchant confusion and eventually makes it challenging to win a dispute. HRMA-LLC offers businesses better ways to manage payment processing and allows them to win more chargebacks on a consistent basis.
  • High risk payment gateway: HRMA-LLC offers easy-to-use, fully integrated online payment gateway so you can accept debit cards, credit cards, and ACH payments in a real-time environment. Compliant and secure, the gateway saves you both money and time with the ability to process in a batch environment.

Industries served

Some certain industries are considered as high risk due to strong regulation or being seen disreputable to the payment processors. When your business belongs to a high-risk industry, you have to jump through a lot of hoops to acquire a high-risk merchant account which can be very frustrating. The good news is, HRMA-LLC excels at setting up secure payment services for businesses in high-risk sectors. Some high-risk industries this merchant account provider serves include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Ammunition
  • Credit Repair
  • CBD
  • Gambling
  • Firearms
  • Memberships and Subscriptions
  • Vape/eCig
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Debt Collections
  • Travel
  • Tech Support
  • SEO Marketing
  • Online Dating

HRMA-LLC advantages

The expert team at HRMA-LLC knows how important it is to have payment services you can rely on. The ability to process card payments is crucial for businesses to make sales, attract more customers, and grow. That’s why this merchant service provider makes it easy to open a high-risk merchant account for your business and customise it according to your specific needs. Some of the advantages of working with this merchant account provider include the following:

  • An expansive network – HRMA-LLC leverages an expansive network to provide its clients the best high-risk merchant account services.
  • High approval rates – The sole focus of the company is to help high-risk businesses thrive in the competitive marketplace. When others merchant account providers say “no”, HRMA-LLC says “yes” with a very high average approval rate for high-risk merchant account solutions.
  • Versatile solutions – With reliable high-risk payment processing solutions, you can process payments no matter how your business is structured. The company offers various credit card terminal options, virtual terminals for manual payment processing, solutions for eCommerce platforms, and more.
  • Cost-effective – Many merchant account providers charge too much for high-risk merchant solutions. With HRMA-LLC, this is not the case. The company prides itself on offering cost-effective, reasonably priced services to help businesses flourish.
  • Dedicated customer service – Excellent customer service is another key advantage of this provider. No matter whether your questions are product-based or technical or you are simply seeking general direction, you can count on the company’s dedicated service support for help.

Get started today

If you operate a high-risk business, HRMA-LLC can help you acquire payment solutions that feature everything you need at a reasonable pricing. High-risk merchant account solutions from the company are an easy and fast way to gain a competitive advantage and set your business up for future financial growth. Get in touch today to acquire a high-risk merchant account and see how this provider can help you achieve business success.

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