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Here's why Brits are in "insecure" jobs

7th Feb 17 7:31 am

New report points out

One in 10 people are in insecure jobs, according to a new study the TUC.

The union said the proportion of people workin without fixed hours or basic employment rights has risen 27 per cent over the last five years.

It amounted, the TUC estimated, to three million people.

Its general secretary, Frances O’Grady, said: “Insecurity at work is becoming the new normal for too many workers.

“It’s happening across new and old industries, with workers forced onto shady contracts, whether they’re Uber drivers, bar staff or teaching assistants.

“People need jobs they can live on and build a life around, but if you don’t how much work you will have from one day to the next, making ends meet is a nightmare.

“How is a working parent supposed to plan childcare when they don’t know the hours they’ll be working? And how can it be right that in 2017, workers are at the mercy of bad bosses who can just take away all their hours or throw them off the job with no notice?”

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