HEADLINE SCANNER 14/10/13: Lagarde warns of global recession | Chinese visas simplified | 7 in 10 back charter for press regulation | Luke Johnson's Gala Bingo bid


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Christine Lagarde warns of global recession as threat of US default looms

Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, has said a US default could cause world recession if no agreement is reached on Thursday to raise the US debt limit.

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Visa rules relaxed for Chinese visitors to UK

George Osborne has announced that visa applications for Chinese visitors to the UK will be simplified, and that Chinese visitors will no longer need separate applications for the EU and UK if they use certain travel agents.

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Seven in 10 Brits want a royal charter for independent press regulation

There is strong public support for the proposed royal charter for independent press regulation, according to a new YouGov poll.

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Luke Johnson planning to make a bid for Gala Bingo

Former Pizza Express CEO and Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson is understood to be looking at an acquisition of Gala Bingo through his firm Risk Capital Partners, as Gala’s owners prepare it for a £250m sale.

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