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Half a loaf is better than starving to death, which is why ‘No Deal’ is never a sane option!

by LLB Reporter
9th Oct 17 4:55 pm

Charlie Mullins, CEO, Pimlico Plumbers talks Brexit

Settling on a ‘no deal’ future as the UK’s relationship with the European Union is completely unthinkable, and there is no way in hell that such an arrangement can ever be allowed to happen.

The simple fact is that half a loaf is always better than starving to death, although personally I think we should be aiming a tad higher than avoiding death. 

By which I mean David Davis’ claim that a post-Brexit future can be every bit as economically prosperous for the UK as membership of the EU has been. 

The ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ mantra is complete rubbish, both as a potential outcome, and also as a negotiating ploy. 

I’ve done a load of deals over the years and when you say something, there has to be real fear on the other side that if they don’t play ball you’ll carry through with your threat. 

The problem for Theresa May is that it’s obvious to both her revolting MPs and Cabinet, and the Europeans, that she is making an idle threat in an effort to try and look strong, but unfortunately all it has done is shown just how weak and desperate she is.   

There is only one possible way that Theresa May can fight her way back, and that would be to stop with the hot air and bluster, and go and get us a deal we can all live well with. 

UK business has been calling for this for months, even as recently as the Party Conference season when a number of business groups have said their members fear for the future of the economy while no clear plan for our exit is being discussed.

There is no ‘no deal’ future for the UK, and there certainly isn’t a ‘no deal’ future for Mrs May.

If there is any chance of the PM surviving being phased out, sometime soon after the look of Brexit is finalised, she must pull a massive rabbit out of the hat, and that rabbit needs to be able to trade and travel.

The PM has said she can ‘prove the doomsayers wrong’. I hope she can.  I really do.  I also hope that message comes from the businesses she is meeting, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Vodafone and HSBC to hear what they want from talks on Britain’s relationship with the EU after Brexit.

And if I was there and was going to give her one piece of advice it would be to stop with this ‘no deal’ nonsense and get on with creating a little bit of modern-day political magic!

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