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Had a car crash? Four ways a lawyer can help

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30th Jun 20 1:28 pm

Car accidents happen no matter how safely you drive on the roads or how careful you are to avoid a collision. Whether another driver took their eyes off the road for a second or road conditions caused you to lose control of the car, even the most careful and conscientious of drivers can sometimes find themselves at the center of a smash. If you were involved in a car accident, there will be a lot of legal processes to follow. Here are some of the things a car accident lawyer can do to support your claim and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Make sense of the legal stuff

If you’re like most people, you are probably not well-versed in insurance law. Many drivers who have been involved in a collision only have a basic understanding of what happens afterwards in terms of insurance, and the entire process can be very confusing and overwhelming. With an experienced car accident lawyer by your side, you can be sure of excellent support throughout the entire legal process that follows the collision. They will be able to advise you on the best decisions to make and explain anything that you don’t fully understand.

Find a hit-and-run driver

Being a victim of a hit-and-run collision can be even more traumatic for drivers who are involved in a car crash. When the driver at fault leaves the scene, it can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to get their information so that you can make a claim through their insurance company. If you have found yourself in this situation, a good car accident lawyer may be able to help you track down the other driver with the help of the police. Many car accident lawyers also work closely with investigators to find CCTV from the scene, dash-cam footage, and any other evidence that could help to identify the other driver.

Speed up your claim

Car accident claims do not always run smoothly. In some cases, it could be months or even years before you receive a payout. If the other party denies fault due to a lack of evidence, your claim could be held up and leave you waiting longer than you should for the compensation that you are entitled to. This is especially true if you have filed a personal injury lawsuit as well. Hiring a good car accident lawyer means that they will be able to get to work fighting your case and help move things along.

Understand your settlement

Unless you have a solid knowledge of the law, then you might not really be sure as to how much your accident and/or personal injury claim is going to be worth. A good car accident lawyer will be able to evaluate your claim and tell you how much you can expect to receive as a settlement. Your lawyer can help you avoid accepting an offer that is too low. You will be able to discuss any offers you receive with your attorney and go through all your options before making a decision.

If you have been involved in any type of car accident and want to file a claim, hiring a car accident lawyer in Atlanta is a wise idea.

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