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Funniest iPhone 6 and Apple Watch parodies, lolz and tweets

11th Sep 14 11:57 am

Oh, you didn’t hear? Apple just launched a load of new stuff.

Just kidding! We know you now know EVERYTHING about the new iPhones and Watch (and, if you’re switched on, about Apple Pay too, which was actually the most significant new product).

How could you not?

The world has been awash with iNews, and commentators from Kazakhstan to Kuala Lumpur have weighed in one-by-one to produce the typical pan-digital smorgasbord of awe, insight, fanboyism of religious proportions, ire and satire.

Our favourite types of reaction are, as you might have guessed, the funny-clever-witty ones.

So here are the best of the bunch.

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The Onion

On form as always, The Onion writes:

“[Apple] has once again proved why it’s the global leader in developing exhilarating sensations that only temporarily mask one’s underlying feelings before dissolving away. ‘Even before today’s announcement, people across the country were lining up to be among the first to get their hands on this new short-lived and non-renewable flash of satisfaction. And they won’t be disappointed; this already vanishing glimmer of pleasure is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Apple.’ ” 

Dear iPhone 6 users: Welcome to 2012

@RonAmadeo knocked up a brilliant image pointing out that the iPhone 6 might just be a tad behind the Nexus 4… which was launched two years ago. (Can’t see the image below? View it here.)

Dear iPhone 6 users, welcome to 2012

Source: @RonAmadeo

Ikea’s genius “bookbook” launch

Just watch it – srsly.


Ikea bookbook

Really good things about the new iphone 6 by chris (simpsons artist)

We love this review of new features by ‘chris (simpsons artist)’ for the Independent. (It is important to note that some of the features might be a tiny little bit made-up, just a bit.)

The below is a wee extract focusing on the, ahem, new glitter dispenser on the iPhone 6. You can read the full article here.

“a glitter dispenser – this is a useful feature if you are a business man who has a lot of important meetings to go to and want to look your best or if you are the type of person who just likes to look stylish on a regular basis. the new iphone will have a little compartment on the side of it that flips down when you do a flipping movement with your main finger and it has got loads of glitter inside of it so you can put some glitter on your hair if you have a important meeting or if you are going out for a anniversary dinner with your wife or if you just want to impress your step son to try and make him like you again.”

Samsung’s brilliant mickey-taking mockeries

Samsung, maker of the GALAXY Note 4, has been quick off the draw to release a series of videos not-so-subtely poking fun at the iPhone new “innovations”. These are a couple of our faves…



Samsung pokes fun at the iPhone 6

“The battery’s getting a little better…”


Samsung pokes fun at the iPhone 6

These comedians’ tweets…

Ellen De Generes tweeted: “So excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we’ve checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius. #AppleLive

Moose Allain chipped in with: I’ll make this quick because I’m tweeting from an iPhone, but will the battery lif #iphone6questions

And Adam Hess tweeted: “Predictive text on the new iPhone is actually pretty awfuTHIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING AND APPLE IS PERFECT. ALL HAIL APPLE.”

Basically, lolz.

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