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Full time workers faced more burnout than freelance and self employed workers in 2023

by LLB Reporter
20th Dec 23 6:32 am

Fiverr International Ltd are the company that is changing how the world works together, has released their analysis of the relationships between UK freelancers and self-employed workers, and the businesses who work with them.

According to the findings, self-employed and freelance workers experienced significantly less burnout in 2023 than full time workers and have much less desire to change their career in 2024.

The survey was conducted based on 1,000 UK respondents, including 500 freelancers and self employed workers and 500 business leaders, in November 2023.

According to business leaders, over half (52%) experienced burnout in 2023, compared to 37% of self employed workers or freelancers.

In fact, 47% of business leaders in the UK either currently work with freelancers or plan to in 2024, with 59% saying that working with freelancers has helped full-time employees both address and avoid burnout in 2023. In addition, according to business leaders surveyed 51% of workers want to change jobs in 2024, compared to just 38% of freelancers and self-employed workers surveyed.

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For business leaders surveyed who currently or plan to recruit freelancers, the most common need for freelancer support was consulting (31%), marketing (29%) and design (30%).

However, according to Fiverr’s own platform, AI technology has also spiked demand for experts with specific AI skills, even spawning new AI jobs on the platform. Freelancers with a range of skills — from prompt engineers to AI app developers and AI video editors — are meeting the evolving needs of leaders looking to create next-generation businesses with AI.

In fact, the majority of freelancers and self-employed surveyed are not concerned about AI taking their jobs in 2024 (59%). Many believe they can work alongside the technology, and hone their skills. A further 26% believe AI can help with reducing their burnout in 2024.

Late payments a consistent challenge 

Despite businesses’ reliance on freelancers and self employed workers, issues remain. Late payments have also been cited as a factor that can lead to burnout within the freelance and self employed workers community.

46% of those who said they experienced feelings of burnout said that financial issues such as chasing clients for payment were adding to this toll. According to findings, UK freelancers and self-employed people do not think that the UK government is doing enough to support them. Only 12% of the freelance and self employed community feel supported by the government and only 1 in 10 believe their career path is encouraged by society.

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Adedapo said, “Whilst the UK government announced new measures to crack down on late payments in October, this was specifically for small and medium enterprises.

“Freelancers and self employed workers, who generally operate as one man bands, once again seem to have been disregarded from these plans – meaning the challenges they have seen in 2023 around late payments show little signs of improvement in 2024.

“Freelancers and self employed workers need protection from financial issues, which is why using a platform that safe-guards these transactions can be incredibly useful.”

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