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From Zenfinex to Taurex, global broker charges in with a bold vision for traders

by LLB Finance Reporter
12th Sep 23 11:45 am

Zenfinex, a key player in the online trading industry, marks its evolution with a new name and emphasis on empowering traders through advanced tools and proprietary technology.

Global brokerage Zenfinex announced a rebrand for its retail business to its new name Taurex – a move made to better reflect the company’s commitment to offering a robust trading ecosystem to all levels of traders around the world.

From its London roots, the broker swiftly expanded into key global markets including MENA, Africa, Asia, and LATAM. Over the past year, the firm sought to improve its brand by actively engaging with the global trading community. This set the stage for Zenfinex’s transformative shift to Taurex.

The Taurex brand embodies our legacy of trading expertise while signalling our commitment to bring robust trading solutions to our clients.” said Nick Cooke, Founder and CEO of Taurex.

The financial landscape is ever-changing, and as a result traders need a broker that will continue to evolve to meet their increasingly complex needs. This change is more than just a rebrand. In an era where technology and trading are becoming increasingly intertwined, our aim is to continue to centre people. The future of trading will be forged by people and supported by technology. Taurex raises the bar in the industry by always keeping this front of mind – as we evolve as a broker, as a business but most importantly as individuals,” concluded Cooke.

“Over the last few years, we’ve built teams, technology and partnerships that have helped us to sharpen our vision for the global trading community,” said Alexandros Kritiotis, Taurex COO. Providing a holistic trading experience with robust tools and security, while still being flexible enough to adapt to our users’ needs is paramount to our success. This transition to Taurex represents our confidence that we’re ready for the next step in delivering on that vision.”

Building on Zenfinex’s strong foundation of transparent pricing and strong security, the evolution to Taurex—inspired by the Latin ‘Taurus’ for strength and ‘Ex’ for exchange— aims to redefine the retail trading landscape. Taurex introduces changes designed to improve the trading environment, featuring a proprietary trading app and a suite of tools suited for traders across the board. The goal is to evolve and enhance the overall trading experience in ways that are both meaningful and impactful.

And while Taurex refines the retail experience, Zenfinex continues to serve the institutional sector, specialising in high-calibre liquidity solutions. Together, their objective is to form a comprehensive trading ecosystem that stands out for its breadth and quality.

Guided by their vision to inspire confidence in traders globally, and a mission to empower people to take charge of their trading, the rebrand to Taurex will amplify the business’s prioritisation of education, innovation, and proprietary trading solutions.

Understanding the crucial role knowledge plays in a trader’s success, Taurex offers comprehensive educational resources including interactive webinars and courses led by industry experts.

To support traders with top-tier tools and technology, Taurex has established strategic partnerships with Trading Central, Swiset, and Acuity, industry leaders in trading solutions.

To foster an environment that prioritises people and connection, Taurex are building a global neighbourhood designed to connect new and experienced traders with:

  • Mentors
  • Trading Tools & Technology
  • Copy Trading
  • Educational Material
  • and above all, a complete trading environment

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