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Four factors affecting the sales in artworks around the world

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4th Mar 19 3:56 pm

Artworks are a delight and they have always been of great value whether they are sold in auctions or directly to collectors from established or emerging artists. Sadly, not many people see beauties in art models, portraits and carvings. However, for those who do, they know that artworks are things you could go over the edge to get. Getting art pieces comes with a number challenges that involves quality, handling, logistics, etc. Many art lovers have tried to source for ways to get the best of what they want in quality and virtues. However, often, they have failed to get the best. In art marketing, here are four factors that affect the sales of artworks around the world. These factors include:


The originality of an artwork will determine, to a large extent, its sale. Because of the demand for artworks, there are several replicas in the market. In fact, people file lawsuits against art dealers that are discovered to sell fake products. Therefore, spotting an original piece may be as difficult, especially if it is a work by a popular artist. For instance, there are strong debates on how to distinguish a Faberge egg replica from the original. The more original the work, the more valuable the work, the better the sales. Sadly, people try to use the delusion of a fake piece to maximize sales.


How well the artwork is maintained predicts the condition of the artwork. The condition of an artwork may be affected by scratches, stains or discoloration and cracks, all of which happen via improper carriage, handling, or storage. If a work of art is seen to have any these, it may affect the sales. Another thing to consider is if the work has been restored. A restored artwork will surely encounter a decrease in sales value. Hence, art pieces are delicate, handling and storage are actions that can affect their ratings if not carefully minded.


The provenance of the artwork affects the sale of the artwork. If a work of art is of royal descent, like the Faberge eggs, then it is more desirable in the market. Also, the ability to track a work of art back to an artist, as it is the case of the Faberge eggs that links to artist Faberge, makes it a better market. It gives the idea of originality and most certainly makes the work more valuable. Provenance to a person, a city, or a tribe can influence the sales of an artwork.

Art Technique:

An artistic technique used to present a work of art to an audience matters. Those who understand the value of art and can tell its unique properties such as paint, canvas type, frame designs, stroke patterns, etc. know that there is an expected price range for such types of job. For instance, people would prefer the portrait of a pencil drawing with shades display in cross hatches than random lines of shade. The better and more impressive the technique of an artwork, the more influencing the sales could get.

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