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Four biggest problems facing Theresa May

by LLB Reporter
19th Jul 17 4:47 pm

What are they

Disastrous General Election result

It was an election that was hailed to be a landslide for the Conservatives, one that would strength the Prime Ministers position to steer us through Breixt, and there was even speculation that it could have even put an end to Labour all together.

The shock result took many by surprise none more so than Theresa May who saw her majority fall sort of forming a majority government. Instead of increasing her positioned she was more vulnerable and had to broker a deal with the Democrat Unionist Party (DUP) thought to cost £1bn just to stay in power and form a minority government.

The problem she now faces it that she will have to rely on this new alliance to get a majority in the House of Commons and the things they may want in return. The association its self may also prove to be problematic as the DUP are opposed to equal marriage and abortion which although has no bearing in England, Scotland and Wales may leave a bad taste for voters or be a source of conflict in the future.

Disloyal minsters

Theresa May has been urged by backbench MPs to sack any disloyal ministers who have been found leaking details from cabinet meetings or plotting against her leadership.

Rumours of infighting and plots to remove her from power are thwarting her attempts to regain her authority following a devastating general election result. If she is not careful she may end up on an extended summer break.


The infighting and problems at home within the Prime Ministers own cabinet has not gone unnoticed in Brussels who worry that her lack of authority within her own government will hamper Brexit negotiations with just 20 months to go. 

The Remain/Leave rifts that developed during the referendum seem to continue to plague the party and are not helped by her own ministers leaking information about the Brexit process to the Press.

This is not only weakening her position but is also weakening the position of the UK in Brussels as we embark on the most important negotiations for a generation.

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn

When Jeremy Corbyn took to the stage at Glastonbury to rapturous applause it was clear to see his ‘success’ at the General Election was by no means over.

After coming back from almost inevitable defeat in the election his popularity as a man of the people especially among younger votes has shown no let up.

Last month a YouGov Poll for The Times put Corbyn ahead or May as the preferred choice for Prime Minister, the first time in a decade a Labour leader has been ahead of their Conservative opponent.  

Not only does May have to watch her back in her own party but it seems going into the parliament summer recess it is Jeremy Corbyn who appears to have the upper hand.

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