Ford chief sees a future in UK after Brexit


After Brexit

Ford’s chief executive Mark Fields has said that Ford will be in the UK for “quite some time,” however, Fields told the BBC he cannot guarantee manufacturing will remain after the UK leaves the EU, he said: “I can’t guarantee anything, nobody can guarantee anything over many many years,” a free trade agreement needs to be met with the EU.

Fields said: “We need to make sure that all of our facilities around the world are globally competitive.”

“We are very proud to be in the UK and we are going to be in the UK for quite some time but it’s going to be really important, particularly because Article 50 is now triggered, that from our standpoint there needs to be free trade between the UK and the continent.”

Fields continued: “I think our intent is making sure that our UK business remains very strong and that’s why we’re engaging with the governments to be able to say here’s what we think we need to make sure that that remains a possibility and we stay across the continent and in the UK and we have a healthy business in Europe.”

Fields was in China where they have unveiled plans to increase their electric vehicle manufacturing.