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Five signs your air conditioner needs repair

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd Dec 18 10:30 am

Air conditioners became the part of our lives. They cool our hot days and make it easier to go through the day. Summers without air conditioners are unimaginable for some people. And imagine what happens when the air conditioner starts to fail.

No matter how advanced our society is, we never seem to manage to keep up with air conditioners and their details. How many of your acquaintances have ac that’s not working? The put up the repair to the next season or think that it’s alright and that’s how a normal ac should work. And what’s more interesting is that air conditioner problems never occur at a convenient time. So as an owner of ac, you might have to address emergency air conditioning repair.

But before you go ahead and diagnose your home tech, learn about the signs that your ac needs help. After all, it might be an emergency at some point.

The squeaky sound of the wheel

If your ac starts making the squeaky sounds, it’s saying something. Often, users experience rough sounds like squeaking, squealing and grinding. Most people assume that after some time, ACs make that sound. Remember, it’s not normal and you should get a help with your air conditioner. Avoiding the solution might further damage the tech and you might face unfixable problems later.  

Hot air instead of a cold air

You wait for cold fresh air and instead get this heavy, hot air? It means that the system’s compressor has failed. It’s an obvious sign for a repair. It could also mean that your ac has a bad capacitor or a blown fuse. Don’t worry, it’s a 5-10 minutes job and it doesn’t cost too much. But keep an eye for a refrigerated leak. That could be a bigger problem.

Pay attention to odours

Pay close attention to how your ac smells. Normally, there shouldn’t be extra odours, but sometimes we experience musty smells.

Musty smells are a sign of mould. Either your unite is experiencing it, or your ductwork.

Moisture is a sign of need of the repair too

ACs are known for their extra moisture through some time. But know how to define the normal moisture and leakage. If you see extra moisture coming out of an air conditioner unit, there can be two things to think about. A drain tube must have been broken or damaged (maybe blocked) or it could be a refrigerated leak that we mentioned above, and it’s a more serious problem.

Comprised flow

Some people think that their air conditioners aren’t that strong. But mostly, they are wrong. They are just experiencing a poor air flow or comprised flow. It could be a filter problem or the duct work.

If you bought an air conditioner that had a poor air flow from start, or experienced leakage and other problems, return the purchase and ask for a refund or a change. If your AC experiences these problems after some time of the use, you should call the professionals to take a look at it.

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