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Five reasons why your business should invest in office screens

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18th Jun 21 10:49 am

There are many reasons why you would like to get some office screens for your business. Whether it’s for social distancing or just some privacy, we look at the five top reasons you may be interested in buying some.

1. Social distancing measures

As it seems that Covid-19 might be here to stay due to all the new variants, your top priority is to protect the people in your office from contracting the virus. Along with wearing masks, screens should be your top line of defence when protecting your office. The reason is that screens, dividers and partitions stop the transmission of the virus when put in place between desks and certain other working environments. The screens can effectively block respiratory particles from spreading to others who are working in close quarters. Remember that you will have to clean or wipe down these screens several times a day, just to be safe.

2. Privacy for employees

Before the rise of Covid, privacy was and will be the most important reason why offices need screens, especially Freestandingscreens, which is very flexible and work around your business needs. These screens can be used for those who require privacy to be able to concentrate but can also be rotated on the days it’s not required. While most people are sociable, even they sometimes need a quiet space where they can put their head down and get some serious work done. And its not only to separate workspaces such as desks and meeting rooms but it also comes in handy for break rooms and kitchen spaces.  A quiet space to enjoy lunch can sometimes be a great treat. Investing in movable screens allows your employees to customise their work area as and when it fits.

3. Soundproofing for noisy offices

Speaking of quiet spaces, with all the phone calls, chatter etc. offices can become noisy. This is especially important for businesses such as call centres, which require soundproofing that will allow them to focus and also stops all the talking from bothering their co-workers.

4. Dividing open plan offices

Businesses with large open plan work spaces work for some but are daunting to others. By buying some Freestanding screens, you can start to decide which areas you want to divide, and which are best left open. Nomique.com offers many great free-standing screens to choose from as do several other companies.

5. Displaying your branding

Use the opportunity to display your branding on your room dividers, which is great for pictures as well as for visitors to the office. And if branding on the screens feel too much, you can always settle for dividers in your business colour scheme.

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