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Five most popular apps in UK

by Sarah Dunsby
27th Jul 18 10:49 am

The UK is a huge market for mobile apps. Ever since smartphones became widely accepted around the world, there have been many applications that have been developed to assist people with both work and personal needs. The UK is estimated to be one of the places where people spend a great deal of time on their phones. The market is therefore important for those in the business of app development. Over the years, the popularity of different applications has varied in the UK. Today, the most popular apps are not necessarily those that were popular five years ago. Here is a list of 5 of the most popular apps in the UK.


Facebook is the most popular app in the UK. This app has been on the market for over a decade now. Since it was the first popular social network, Facebook benefited from a new market that was previously unexplored. The application has continued receiving improvements over the years and nowadays, the Facebook app is more than a simple social media app.

Apps like Facebook, which are used by millions across the world go through rigorous app testing. Testing an application is crucial to alleviate errors and to ensure that the apps meet their intended goals in the market. Nowadays, global app testing has made it quite simple for any app developers to test their applications before they send them to the market.


Whatsapp was recently acquired by Facebook. This app was a pioneer of chat messaging and it grew widely popular in its initial years. Whatsapp became very popular in the UK market as there were no other capable competitors when it launched. After its acquisition by Facebook, the app has only continued to grow in popularity among mobile users.


Google introduced the Gmail service way before smartphones were on the market. The mail client, therefore, gained a huge user base before Google ventured into the mobile OS market. The official application was designed nearly a decade ago and it has since then been among the most used apps in the UK. With all Android smartphones coming with the Gmail app by default, it is not hard to see why the application has continued to grow in popularity in the UK.


This photo sharing platform was launched in 2010. At that time, it was the only platform that uniquely allowed users to share photos within their social circles. The Instagram app became very popular immediately after its launch. Instagram was also recently acquired by Facebook. The uniqueness of the application, as well as its acquisition by a huge social media company, has helped this app gain a huge number of users. The application has been consistently among the top 10 most popular apps in the UK for a number of years.


Finally, Google Chrome is one of the most visited apps by mobile phone users. This browser by Google pioneered several features and also improved the speed of browsing significantly when it was launched. The browser is a preferred option by most users in the UK because of its:

*Password management capabilities,
*Simple design,
*Addons support and many other features.  

As an official Google app, Chrome is also shipped with Android phones by default and this has helped increase its popularity.

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