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Five important things London business owners need post-pandemic

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28th Jun 21 10:43 am

With work-from-home orders and social distancing requirements gradually being lifted, there are several important things every London business owner needs post-pandemic. Of course, Prime Minister Boris Johnson released stated it is safe to return to work in the office as of June 21st. With the transition back to the office quickly approaching, London business owners, such as yourself, need several key things to safely and productively welcome employees back. This way, you can create a safe, welcoming working space and return to business as usual. To help you get started, read on to learn about the most important things London business owners need post-pandemic.

Cash reserves

The pandemic showed many business the vital need for emergency cash reserves. At a minimum, your company should have at least six months of working capital safely set aside. Estimate this figure by reviewing last year’s cash flow statement and income report. If you are a new business, you can instead use your projected revenue and costs from this year. This way, you have a stable reserve of money to resolve business conflicts, finance major purchases, or maintain profitability during low-demand periods. Of course, this enables you to maintain peace of mind, avoid third-party financial support, and save for operational goals. Certainly, cash reserves are essential for business owners looking to survive post-pandemic.

eCommerce presence

Next, London business owners need an established eCommerce presence to survive the post-pandemic corporate world. eCommerce digital sales grew tremendously during the COVID-19 outbreak. Of course, eCommerce is on the rise even after the pandemic. For UK businesses that sell goods and services online, leveraging eCommerce is more important than ever before. Open up an online store, add your most popular goods, and infuse a professional design. This way, you can begin marketing and selling your online products to an international audience. Naturally, this will help you drive customer flexibility, respond to market demands, and accelerate the buying process. Absolutely, an enterprise eCommerce presence is something every London business owner needs post-pandemic.

A handwritten email signature

Next, set up a handwritten email signature to supercharge your business communications. Handwritten signatures add significant credibility and authenticity to your brand. Of course, this will generate more trust, increase your response rate, and maximize reader engagements. To create your styled signoff, use an online signature generator. Using a free signature maker, you just need to sign your name with your touchpad, touchscreen, mouse. Then, you can either download your signoff, or add it directly to your email signature. This way, you can keep a high-standard and drive consistency across your digital email communications. Indeed, adding a styled signoff is an excellent resource every London business owner needs following the pandemic.

Cybersecurity architecture

Of course, London business owners need a robust cybersecurity architecture in place to remain profitable, successful, and productive post-pandemic. After all, COVID-19 was the biggest cyber security threat to hit businesses. With more businesses taking their operations remote during the pandemic, solid online security is more important than ever. Invest in robust cybersecurity solutions, such as firewalls, WiFi inspectors, and antivirus systems. If you are still concerned about your online operations and business networks, consider hiring an expert cybersecurity architect. The can identify potential vulnerabilities and risks in your current systems. This way, you can protect your IT infrastructure, company data, and user safety. Absolutely, a solid cybersecurity infrastructure is highly important to thrive in London business post-pandemic.

Post-pandemic workplace policies

With operations returning to in-person, London business owners need comprehensive post-pandemic workplace policies. Structured office guidelines are vital to keep your entire office healthy, safe, and virus-free. For a start, encourage employees who are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home. In addition, ask core team members to agree to daily in-person symptoms checks, employee health screenings, and temperature evaluations. You may additionally want to ask employees to refrain from gathering together in large groups for a little while. Once you have all your rules outlined, place them in a formal contract. Then, ask employees to review and sign this document before returning to the office.

London business owners need several things, tools, and resources to get back to work post-pandemic. First and foremost, you need a professional, well-established eCommerce presence. In addition, every business needs emergency funds in the form of tangible, liquid cash reserves. Next, you should use a great email signature to run effective promotional campaigns, connect with recipients, and share your essential contact details. Of course, you additionally need a cybersecurity architecture to protect your online assets. With operations returning back to the office, you additionally need comprehensive workplace safety policies. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the most important things London business owners need post-pandemic.

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