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Five creative layout ideas to refresh your office

by Sarah Dunsby
26th Apr 22 3:42 pm

Work is not only a source of income, essential for a normal life; it’s also a very tiring process. The main goal of most offices is to achieve results quickly, which, of course, requires full involvement and serious mental tension from employees. Refreshing the workplace can dilute the grey everyday life, raise the team’s mood and improve labour productivity! This article will help you find 5 creative ideas to make your office layout cosy and motivating!

1. Order on the desk — Order in the Mind

Psychologists have no doubt that there’s a direct relationship between the quality of work and the state of the workplace. After all, even such a trifle as searching for a pen or stapler in a pile of papers can seriously distract the train of thought and lead to serious mistakes. That’s why you should start the process with a thorough tidy-up of your desktop. To do this, arrange the papers in alphabetical order, find a suitable place for each item, and also get rid of anything superfluous.

2. Modern art décor

An organized desktop doesn’t preclude an attractive design. The workplace will become much cosier if you decorate it with family photos, inspiring pictures, and posters, as well as things that are important to you. Let what is dear to you stay near to you to ensure a comfortable workplace! In addition, in this way, you’ll emphasize your interests and create an incentive to work.

3. Add more light

You’ll be surprised, but sometimes buying new lamps is enough to upgrade the workplace! After all, proper lighting creates an atmosphere conducive to work. Swivel lamps on a rod or table lamps, the leg of which is attached to the desk, are perfect for the office. And to protect the monitor from light, choose lamps with a cone-shaped reflector.

4. The more bright colours in the interior, the better the mood

Boring wooden desktop surfaces can be easily diversified with paint or removable wallpaper stickers. Engage your imagination and update, for example, the lower part of the table, leaving the top untouched. Bright shades of blue and yellow not only match the neutral colours of a tree; they also stimulate the brain.

5. Let spring into your office

If you’re not ready to paint the table, and the strict boss doesn’t allow you to hang pictures and buy new lamps, decorate your place with flowers. A plant in the office will give warmth and make the working environment homelier.

What else should be considered

An office is a place that leaves an impression on your customers and partners. But don’t forget that there should be a cosiness that motivates employees to come back every morning with a smile. Here are a few important points that any  well-designed office should combine:

  1. Relaxation area. Please, don’t think it’s just about dull sofas with coffee tables! Large companies equip workrooms with board games, sports equipment, and even sleeping areas for workers. Sometimes it’s important to relax not only physically but also mentally to tune in to further work.
  2. Bright accents. Yellow textiles, unusual carpets, and curtains in office spaces are not strange. It’s hard not to agree that in such an environment, it’s easier to work than alongside gloomy and grey furniture.
  3. Environmental friendliness. Did you know that 38% of young people want to work in environmentally responsible companies? These are the results of a Dell Technologies survey. So, this should be taken into account when choosing an office design. Give preference to natural materials for furniture, properly sort and dispose of waste, and add more natural lighting.
  4. Open Space. Such a solution won’t only create a comfortable environment in the office but also bring the team closer together, which will positively affect the quality of work.

After a long period away, namely thanks to the pandemic, the office should become a second home for employees. Therefore, company owners need to ensure good interior design. Thanks to the availability of modern technologies and a large assortment in stores, it’s easy to create a comfortable atmosphere in the office! A friendly, bright, and pleasant-looking interior will charge employees with positive energy for the whole day and improve their productivity!

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