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Five casino innovations that didn’t quite hit the jackpot

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23rd Dec 20 10:54 am

This year has forced everyone to adapt. If you play casino games, you’re lucky to have so many casino game innovation features available. With endless pages full of slots and card games, you can stay safe and play casino games online. Providers launched special features, making it possible to play from your home without feeling so alone. Yet, not all of them are worth your money. 

In this article, expert Samuel Richardson explains why some of these ‘innovations’ failed. Casinos used these features to make the lock-down less dreary but ‘failed to hit the jackpot’. You can view his profile here.

720 ways to win

Casinos thought that 7×7 slots would grab the attention of players. The gambling industry also hoped ‘720 Ways to Win’ would go over well. 

Besides an inadequate response to 7×7 slots, ‘720 Ways to Win’ also lost big-time in the innovation game. Slot enthusiasts realised that these games have no better odds of winning than ‘243 Ways to Win’. 

It’s also no easy task to find a 7×7 slot game with great mobile-friendly graphics. This failure isn’t the worst on this list, but more of a big let-down.

Virtual reality casinos

Virtual reality, or VR, has been enhancing gaming technology for decades. In 2015, the online casino industry first tried to incorporate VR. Since then, hosts such as Slotsmillion and Netent aimed to make you feel like you were inside the casino.

One would expect VR casinos to hit the jackpot but, they haven’t yet made the bells ring for gamers. That isn’t to say they’ll never take off. Noone should disqualify virtual reality casinos from the casino innovation game yet.

There’ve been reports of headsets being uncomfortable for the wearer. Some players experienced motion-sickness-like effects when using VR headsets. 

Webcam poker

Online poker has been popular since its introduction. Both casual and professional players enjoy online poker daily. The only thing missing from online poker is the ability to watch your opponents for ‘bluffs’ and ‘tells’.

Even if that’s the case, don’t waste time with webcam poker.  This casino game innovation would have taken off if only players had turned on their webcams. Unfortunately, a lack of participation led to uneven odds and a big loss for webcam poker in general.

Duplicate poker

Some might call duplicate poker ‘old hat’ since it’s been around for decades. A casino innovation from the 1990s, it offers a twist on the game by removing luck from the equation. All players are dealt the same hand, relative to their position, across many tables. Playing this way ensured that skill was the measure of a player’s superiority. 

As one can imagine, this innovation never made it off the ground online. Players stuck to their favourite online games. Duplicate Poker folded like a player with a bad hand. 

Live dealer Slot

This casino game innovation was pretty short-lived. Live Dealer Slots allow you to play games like poker, blackjack, and roulette with a live dealer. Plus, they add the luxury of chatting with the other players and the dealer. 

Live dealer slots also include a wheel spun by the dealer, rather than reels. This venture may have seemed like a great concept, but the reality is the majority of players disagreed. Paying more for this service didn’t bode well for players.


Though the intentions were good, the results show that it failed to convince players to participate. While the services or features may seem like a great idea, they often cost a few extra pennies. Before you join the hype on the next best shiny venture, be sure to check the reviews to avoid disappointment.

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