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Five advantages of living in Lisbon a lot of foreigners don’t know

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12th Dec 18 12:12 pm

Travelling can take you to all places you can ever dream of. The best teacher of experience is when you go out and explore the world. We all have our dream vacations and getaways. Saving and planning for places we would like to visit makes us excited and thrilled to no end.

Sometimes, there comes a point in our lives that we want to live someplace besides our motherland. Lots of reasons for this major decision in life. It can be for a change of scenery, new work, for the experience or simply to find a home to settle in.

There seem to be more popular places people would want to go to and live. Perhaps because of the fun and excitement going to that place entails. Europe is one of the leading continent wherein people would normally go to.

Next question could be, where in Europe? Popular destinations include France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Germany. But do you happen to know that lately there is a rediscovery of a hidden gem in Europe that’s attracting a lot of foreigners?

Re-emergence of PORTUGAL

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Nestled on the Western Edge, it’s strategically located between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Nowadays more people are intrigued and captivated by Portugal.

Lisbon, the capital and largest city of Portugal is now gaining a cult following. Dubbed as the city that almost has everything by people who’ve been there. Being reputed too, as one of the cities to visit, to settle in, to retire and to invest. It’s a spectacular place to visit.

There are balance and mixture of the new and old, the hip and conservative. In short, Lisbon is one exciting fusion of everything.

Let me show you what makes Lisbon comparable to a captivating beauty.

1. Great City: Rich in Heritage yet innovated to suit Modern times

Lisbon is a great city to live in or to visit. Having a very rich heritage, Lisbon offers a lot of diverse activities and things that you can enjoy. They cater to any age bracket and everyone can visit them. You can have a cultural and heritage trip, a family vacation or just simply enjoy their spectacular nightlife. There is always so much to do in this great city. You’ll fall in love with this magnificent city!

Showcasing a spectacular shoreline too, varied activities on the beach can be experienced. Among them are swimming, surfing or simply swimming. The beaches in Lisbon are among the best in the area.

Culturally friendly and welcoming to foreigners is one of the charisma of this city. The atmosphere in Lisbon is very liberal. No discrimination whatsoever regardless of your race, age, religion, social standing or sexual orientation. I am beginning to feel that Lisbon is a paradise on earth.

Another plus factor that makes Lisbon a great city is almost everyone can speak English. There will be no language barrier and expression can be easier.

Houses are painted with colors that can be compared to colors of the crayons. Bursting with color, life, and exuberance; Lisbon is like a kaleidoscope!

Enumerating here why Lisbon is an extra- special city:

  • You can go everywhere on foot. The place is walkable and you don’t need much public transport. Almost everything you need is reachable. You get to have your errands, sightseeing and seeing familiar faces when walking around the city.
  • The city is an ideal place to settle for freelancers. The place has good conducive vibes that generate more productivity.
  • There’s a good balance of work and relaxation in Lisbon. The place is less rigid and is more relaxing.
  • Since it’s a small city; going around takes short distances. Beaches, cities, suburbs are nearer to each other. Add a mountain view and a lot of greenery to go with that. Isn’t it wonderful?
  • Free museums, free wifi, free parks and what have you. Here are some suggested places you can go to, free of charge: Gulbenkian, Jardim do Principe Real, Jardim de Estrella, Martin Moniz, Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte, Ribeira das Naus, Santa Luzia Viewpoint, Centro Cultural de Belém and Largo do Chafariz de Dentro.
  • The Internet is inexpensive yet fast. Really good!
  • Restaurants and bars have longer hours of operation.
  • Because of its good location, it’s a great base to travel from. Lower airline tickets to go in and out of Lisbon to all destinations. Whoa, this is really something!
  • Five airports to choose from.
  • Specialty Food likes Bacalhau, Cozido a Portuguesa, Sardines, Bifana, Arroz de Marisco, Chicken Piri Piri and Pasteis de Nata.
  • Seafood galore in Lisbon. Seafood lovers will enjoy the array of seafood available in Lisbon. Mind you, they’re inexpensive!
  • Built on seven hills; Lisbon is captivating any time of the day.
  • Home of one of the best coffee in the world.

My list can go on and on. Lisbon is truly special.

No wonder that Lisbon is one of the top 10 cities in the world!

2. It’s Economical yet Fabulous

Considered as one of the affordable and cheap cities in Western Europe, Lisbon is a place you can get your money’s worth. The living condition is great but you don’t have to pay a hefty price for everything. Transportation is cheap and for just $35, you can enjoy a month-long unlimited ride to all forms of transport. Wow, that’s really a feat! Food is also very cheap especially vegetables and fruits. You can really have a grand time in Lisbon without spending a huge amount of your hard earned and saved money. Now, that ’s a real steal!

In addition, they have delicious and affordable food in Lisbon. Also known as one of the culinary capital of the world, you can enjoy their rich Portuguese cuisine at affordable prices. So if you enjoy good food and drinks, Lisbon is the place to be at. You can enjoy a trip to a café and just spend less than $ 5. You can have lunch below $10. Even a bottle of wine can only cost you as low as $3.

Don’t forget to try their Port wine; it’s their version of red wine. Or better yet, drink some ginganinja – favorite cherry liquor, served in a small glass and to drink as a shot. You’ll be surprised to find a fruit at the bottom.

3. Blessed Weather; More Outdoor Fun

Lisbon is blessed with almost 300 days of sunshine all through the year. They have the best climate in the whole of Europe. Isn’t that magical? A lot of outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year round. Talking long walks, going to the beach, reading or sitting in a park or even just to enjoy their famous coffee blend, Bicas.

Lately, more residents of Lisbon enjoy more outdoor activities because of the good weather. They go biking; there are bikes available to be used for free, sailing, swimming, mountain biking, kite surfing, scuba diving, beach soccer, beach volleyball, coasteering, mountain climbing, rock climbing, and paddle tennis.

There are also a lot of unique and unusual things you can do at Lisbon. Check this list and find out.

  • Your time can be spent in going to the Thieves market. Popularly known as Feira de Ladra.Vintage items are widely sold here. You might find a new treasure in your hunt for an item here.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, Lisbon is your haven of delicious cakes and pastries. Aside from Pasteis de Belem for custards tarts, there is Tease, an alternative bakery producing delicious cakes with attitude.
  • Visit the Doll Hospital, a museum, and repair shop for dolls since 1830.
  • Take a tram around the city. Old trams are still being used up to this day. Experience going through iconic roads of Lisbon.
  • There is a very unusual tradition in Lisbon. Having a steak sandwich for dessert. Usually, after a dinner of seafood, locals eat Prego (steak sandwich) with a lot of mustard for dessert. Kind of unusual, don’t you think so?
  • Take pictures but use your hands only. There’s a new law in Lisbon that prohibits using a tripod when you take a picture unless you get a permit first. Get caught taking a without a permit, you will be fined!

Tons of things to do and places to go to that will never bore you in this good weather!

4. It’s Safe and almost stress-FREE

Lisbon is Europe’s safest capital. People are safer and luckier in this part of the globe. One of the attractions of every place is its safety. In Lisbon, you can have that sense of security and freely roam and explore the city.

Backed with data Lisbon has the lowest crime rate among all European cities and the lowest number in terms of residents being a victim of any crime. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it’s crime free but crimes committed were petty compared to other cities of the world.

You can savor living a beautiful life in Lisbon. It’s exciting yet maintained its slower phase in contrast with the other European countries. Maintaining an easy, low-stress level quality of life, joyful and fulfilling life can be a reality here.

Portuguese people are generally warm, engaging and open to people of all culture.

5. Real Estate Opportunities / Investments abound

Good quality of life, old and new infrastructure, good location plus good weather makes Lisbon very appealing and attractive to foreigners and investors alike. Lisbon is also considered one of the emerging comeback of the millennium.

One of them is that investing in real estate in Europe is very profitable. There is regeneration in Lisbon with regards to their homes, buildings and major structures. Furthermore, new blood and foreign investors are coming in to make the already stunning Lisbon standout.

There was an exodus of the higher class to live by the sea in the suburbs while the middle class moved to the northern districts of the cities. The lowest class was left to live in the center of the city. Over the last twenty years there were numerous renovations to give the historic city its much- needed facelift. A lot of the young investors discovered the charm, appeal and the proximity that the city life of Lisbon exudes.

Slowly becoming one of the tourist attractions in Europe; Lisbon had attracted a lot of foreign investments. Foreigners bought buildings, houses, apartments, and businesses in Lisbon. Today, there is a real estate boom in their country.

Homes and apartments are now open for short and long-term rentals. The once strict and rigid rental guidelines are now looking up. This is their way of opening to the foreign market.

Trivia on Lisbon

  • National drink in Portugal is coffee. Most popular is Bicas.
  • Lisbon has 50 shops that are in the same location and sells the same items for more than 100 years
  • The oldest store in Lisbon is the candle shop, Caza des Villas Loreto opened in 1789
  • Restaurants that plays Fado music charges more expensively. Should try this even once.
  • Fado music is an acquired taste. Fado is a form of Portuguese singing that dates to the 1820s.
  • There’s a popular song that goes: “it smells good, it smells Lisbon”. The inspiration for this is the orange blossoms, freshly hung laundry or the cinnamon that was sprinkled on hotcake tops.
  • The oldest bookshop is Livraria Bertrand, opened in 1732.
  • Brasileira Café opened in 1905.
  • 132-year-old market known as Mercado da Ribeira.
  • They cook and serve delicious Goan food.
  • Portugal produces half of the cork of the world.
  • Sardines are packed in tins.

Overall, Lisbon is really one of the most appealing and almost perfect places to live, work, study, retire or do business.

After reading this, I hope you have a better perspective on what Lisbon can offer you. Have a glimpse of Lisbon as one of the great cities to live in.

A complete package of historic sites and modern infrastructure, affordable living, awesome food and entertainment, the best weather for all activities, safety, English speaking locals, great attitudes of the locals, environment-friendly, work- friendly, affordable Lisbon real estate and rentals and lower taxes to boot!

What more can be asked of this perfect city to reside in? Not just in the economic side of things but having a serene, less stress- free life and calm surroundings are more than enough reasons to live in Lisbon.

As they say, you can never put a price tag on contentment and peace of mind and yet you can get it cheaply Lisbon. Never can be this be compensated of no amount of money ever.

Now is the perfect time to rediscover Lisbon. Re-emerging to recapture its lost glory; it’s now ready to show the world. My sparkle never lost its glow!

If you’ve finally decided to live in Lisbon; you deserve a pat on the shoulders. This is one right decision you’ve made in a long time!

Your life has just finally begun. The adventures begin now.

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