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Finding the best Magento developer

by John Saunders
1st Aug 19 3:23 pm

In the current economic climate, it is essential that any business has a dominant online presence if they want to compete with their competitors. We are experiencing a period where literally everything is moving on to some sort of online platform. No matter what business you have, it is essential that you consider getting a website and potentially and an e-commerce store if you are selling goods.

One of the best types of e-commerce platforms is the recently launched websites. They have only been around for approximately four years but they have become very popular in this time, which is sign alone of how good they truly are. Magento websites provide a whole host of different benefits, such as, an inbuilt SEO aid, a single dashboard and international shipping. There are SEO companies like Lilo that provide Magento services. However, you will obviously need to search through a whole host of Magento developers and decide which one you want to design and develop your e-commerce store.

It is often hard to know what to look for when searching for companies like this as the chances are you have probably never used one before. The first thing you should do is check the amount of years experience the company has had. A website is an absolutely crucial part of your business and thus you do not want to give the job to someone who has merely just started up because you do not know how credible they are and how good the service they provide will be. My advice would be to not go for anyone who has had less than seven years experience in the industry.

Of course, experience is good but how do you know that all the customers they have dealt with have actually had a GOOD experience working with the company? You need to do your research. Search online on different forums to see whether previous customers have been left satisfied with the service they received or whether they were disappointed. If there were a lot of negative reviews then you obviously know to stay away from the business.

In addition to this, any good web design company will have a portfolio showcasing the work that they have done. Make sure that you check this out and look out for any similar businesses to yours or any web designs that catch your eye. You will be able to determine whether the quality and style of their work is something which matches what you want. A good portfolio will be one where each website showcased is different and thus the Magento developers show the range they are capable of.

As well as this you obviously need to look into the obvious points, such as, price and customer service. If you take these all into consideration before you make your final decision then I am sure you will be left satisfied with your e-commerce website in the end. So what are you waiting for? Find the Magento developer for you and take the online world by storm.

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