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Feel Good Contacts states ‘no prescription needed’ giving lens wearers a hassle free shopping experience

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23rd Feb 22 6:10 pm

Feel Good Contacts is an online retailer of contact lenses, eye care products, glasses, and sunglasses. Rated the UK’s no1 contact lenses supplier on Trust pilot, the brand is renowned for its excellent online shopping experience, which allows customers to purchase contact lenses for up to 50% cheaper than the high street without the hassle of needing to show a contact lens prescription.

That’s right, while the brand doesn’t ask for a copy of your prescription when ordering online from them, they strongly advise you to have a check-up with your optician to make sure that your eyes are healthy and that your prescription is up to date. Once you’ve had a contact lens fitting from your optician, the rest is easy. You can simply request a copy of your prescription so that you have all the details you need at hand when placing your order online. Alternatively, you can find your prescription on the packaging of your lenses.

You’ll be pleased to know that Feel Good Contacts stocks all the same lenses as high street opticians, including Specsavers, Boots and Vision Express and because they are sourced directly from the manufacturer, they are up to 50% cheaper. The only difference is their packaging! They also offer a ‘Price Match Guarantee’ to ensure you get the best price in the UK when you buy contact lenses from them. This means that they promise to refund you the difference if you find your contact lenses cheaper elsewhere.

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak experience these last two years, Feel Good Contacts have still managed to thrive in their department of eye healthcare, constantly keeping up with the demand for contact lenses and eye care products. This is no coincidence but boils down to the efficiency of the brand’s operations and management.

Eliminating the need to show your prescription is not the only way in which you can have a hassle-free shopping experience at Feel Good Contacts. The brand also offers next-day delivery when you need your contact lenses in a hurry. You can order as late as 11:59 pm to have your contact lenses delivered straight to your door the very next day.

Or, if you want to quickly and easily receive your contact lenses regularly without the stress of having to remember to go online and re-enter your prescription all over again, you can opt for their Auto-Replenish Service. You can opt into this service at checkout after choosing your contact lenses, entering your prescription, and adding any additional products you want. Your order will be sent out regularly at the set interval that you specify. The minimum interval that you can set is every 15 days. Auto-Replenish has many benefits, including a 5% discount off every Auto-Replenish order and prescription availability. You can be sure that Feel Good Contacts will always have your prescription in stock with Auto-Replenish. This is incredibly convenient for people with specific prescriptions. The customer has ultimate freedom with Auto-Replenish as they are free to cancel whenever they like.

Feel Good Contacts not only offers a hassle-free shopping experience to those who need their eyewear essentials, it also makes ordering contact lenses as affordable as possible when ordering online from them. Besides 5% Auto-Replenish discount, you get 10% off your first order as part of their welcome offer and a student discount of up to 16% if you are still in full-time education.

The brand has introduced Reward Points as a way for their customers to save further money on future orders every time you spend with them. For every pound you spend on your basket, you can earn twenty Reward Points. These will automatically go straight into your account to be redeemed immediately across all products on their site or to build up for a greater saving on a future order.

So, if you want to enjoy a hassle-free experience and unbeatable prices on contact lenses, order online at Feel Good Contacts. Just remember that, while the brand trusts that you know your prescription, stating ‘no prescription needed’, you will need your prescription details when you are buying your contact lenses. If you have lost your prescription, you can find the details on your box of contact lenses. These will include the right specifications required to order. Specifications include your name, expiry date, the base curve of contact lenses, their diameter, and any additional figures if you have presbyopia or astigmatism. The specifications will be listed separately under each eye as they can often be different.

Whatever you do, make sure you purchase contact lenses only after being fitted by a qualified optician. This applies to coloured and non-prescription lenses too. Remember, contact lenses are medical products that can seriously damage your sight if not fitted correctly. To avoid any complications such as discomfort or blurred vision with the fit of the lenses, it’s essential to follow the advice of your optician and not to deviate away from this.

Please also note that your contact lenses prescription will be different to your glasses prescription (if you have one). This is due to the fact that glasses sit on your nose, at a distance from your eyes, whereas contact lenses sit directly on the surface of the eye. Therefore, if you already wear glasses but want to get contact lenses, you will need to obtain a contact lens fitting with your optician, who will then issue you a separate prescription. They will consider many factors, including your lifestyle, while also assessing the comfort of your lenses.

Wearing the wrong type of contact lenses or the wrong prescription can lead to blurry vision, headaches, eye strain and fatigue, as well as eye health complications and problems that can lead to lasting damage. Feel Good Contacts states ‘by agreeing to our terms and conditions upon placing your order, you confirm that you have a valid prescription from an eye test performed within the last two years’.

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