Home Business News Exploding e-cigarette sparks bomb scare at Euston Station

Exploding e-cigarette sparks bomb scare at Euston Station

30th Aug 17 11:30 am

Here’s what happened

Euston station was evacuated Tuesday evening due to a bomb scare after an e-cigarette exploded in a commuters bag, armed police surrounded the station and locked it down.

The security alert sounded and hundreds of people were led out of the underground and the over ground station, witnesses said there was a lot of confusion.

A witness said that there was a large number of police officers wearing body armour and helmets at the entrance to the station.

Kevin Carr said his train was pulling into the station then, “The doors opened and was just queuing to get out,” he said.

“Suddenly the driver screams ‘get back on the train, everyone get back on the train. I saw people running up the platforms to get away from the main concourse.

He added: “Two guys jumped onto our carriage who were on concourse at the time and said people were screaming and running to get away.

“According to them there was a smoking bit of baggage on the concourse.”

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