Ex-MI6 boss: Voting Remain will protect London against terrorism


Londoners should vote Remain to safeguard the city against terrorism, former MI6 head Sir John Sawers said today.

Writing in the Standard, Sir John said: “Nothing is more important to Londoners than keeping our city secure.” 

“We want to be confident that when we travel around our capital, when we take our families to a big football match or a national celebration on the Mall, or when we go to the Thames on New Year’s Eve, we’re not going to be caught up in a terror attack.”

“All Europe has been put on notice: we are vulnerable,”

Vote Leave hit back at Sir John’s comments saying: “As the former head of Interpol has made clear, the EU free border zone is like hanging a welcome  sign to terrorists.

“The EU prevents us from stopping dangerous criminals coming to the UK from the rest of the Europe. It is safer to take back control and vote leave.”