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EU’s Von der Leyen sends ‘heartfelt apology’ to Italy over ‘awful’ Covid-19 response

by LLB Reporter
16th Apr 20 12:56 pm

Italy is Europe’s worst affected country with the coronavirus pandemic, which has been ignored by Brussels despite calls for help.

Von der Leyen has given a grovelling apology to Italy on Thursday, after Italy warned on Tuesday that they could leave the EU over Brussels inability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Brussels could be the next victim to coronavirus as Italian politicians insist it “would be better to leave Brussels” they warned.

Prime minister Giuseppe Conte told the BBC last week, “We’re talking of something that started as a health emergency but turned into an economic and social emergency.

“It’s testing the economic structure of Italy and other countries in Europe and the world, that’s why we need economic and social response at a European level.”

der Leyen said, “We need truth about everything, about our own actions.

“Nobody was really ready. Too many weren’t there on time when Italy needed helping hands in the very beginning.

“It’s right that Europe offers its heartfelt apology.”

She said, “Saying sorry only counts for something if it changes behaviour.

“The truth is it did not take long before everyone released that we must protect each other to protect ourselves.

“And the truth is that Europe has now become the world’s beating heart of solidarity.

“The real Europe is standing up, the one that is there for each other when it is needed the most.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe tweeted: “EU Chief von der Leyen has offered “a heartfelt apology” to the Italian people over the EU’s awful response to the pandemic there.

“For many Italians that won’t be good enough.

“The EU wasn’t there for them in their hour of need. Many won’t forget that.”

Italian MEP Adinolfi said on Tuesday, “The EU response to the coronavirus crisis has been inadequate. It would be better to leave Brussels.

“If this is what the EU is about, perhaps it is better to collect signatures for the referendum to abandon Brussels.”

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