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Europe fears second wave due to a spike in coronavirus cases

17th Jun 20 2:19 pm

Sweden has started to lockdown public areas on Wednesday as they have gone from “almost zero” cases and have now seen an alarming spike.

Gallivare a small municipality in northern Sweden which is around 600 miles from the capital has seen an out of control “spread” of the virus fearing a second wave.

Stefan Nieminen head of crisis communication at Gallivare district said, “From a situation two weeks ago where we were down to close to zero cases, we now see uncontrolled spread.”

Nieminen warned that cases of coronavirus are more widespread than what the official statistics are showing.

He said that there is an increasing number of people off sick from work as they are infected with the virus and he added, “we are very, very concerned,” and claimed that many who are sick have not been tested.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday Gallivare recorded 55 new cases and four deaths, whilst Norrbotten has had 800 coronavirus cases and 63 deaths since the pandemic started, with more new deaths and infections.

Officials have said data from the Norrbotten region has shown an “alarming frequency of new cases” of the coronavirus.

Neighbours of Sweden have closed their borders due to the high level of cases spreading through the region.

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