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Estimated average salary by professions in the UK during 2019

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3rd Jul 19 2:16 pm

Job hunting can be a stressful experience. There are all kinds of things that you have to think of in advance and prepare. One of them is, of course, the very fact of preparing for an interview. You need to learn something about the company you are applying for and also research the position thoroughly. But another thing that you need to know is the value of the position you are applying for.

Many potential employers will pose the question about the expected salary on your end. Before you answer, you have to know how much this position usually pays and determine if it fits with your standards. The employer will then evaluate if you are worthy.

As in any other country currently, the people of the UK also struggle in finding a suitable job. But before you apply for one it helps knowing how much exactly the job is worth. We decided to do some research for you and have come up with interesting results in regards to the salary rate of some of the most lucrative jobs in the UK for 2019.


Working as an Office Administrator does not really pay so much but it provides a steady position. The average rate for this position is £17,459 per year. When it comes to advancing at your position, it does not provide such an enormous boost. For instance, experienced administrators can advance to a number of £23,237 per year.

Office Manager positions are probably the highest that you can go when it comes to administration. Your starting salary will revolve around £24,451 and can go as high as up to £33,986.

Cleaning and Maintenance

An interesting fact about this sector is that it is currently the fastest developing sector in the UK. For insane, jobs like office removals, junk disposals, and gardening have risen when it comes to earnings. Since the UK is battling a rising problem of garbage disposal, particularly London, more and more people have started to invest in this type of venture.

In June, there was an increase of about 4% in earnings for this type of job. That’s why one of the most popular gardening maintenance firm from London, HandyGardeners, hires new workers constantly as they are in great need of them, while the current employees get a pay raise every few months. All in all, you can start with an earning of £9.42 per hour and go all the way to £19.76 very fast.


Accounting opportunities are always a very lucrative form of employment no matter the country where you live. In the UK with less than 5 experience of work and with total compensation that you may expect with this position you are expected to earn ₤25,000 per year.

If you want to earn more like an accountant, then think of moving to London. The capital city of the UK offers an average salary of £32,662 per year, as it was reported for the accountants living there. The highest position you can hope to get is probably working as a Chartered Accountant that will enable you to earn £35,118 per year.


Starting a career in purchasing may also be a good idea. First of all, a Purchasing Coordinator earns £20,444 a year and you can even expect to advance to £25,341 if you do your job successfully.

But if you really want to make it in Purchasing you should try and get as high as a Purchasing Manager. Here is where the money lies as managers earn around £33,430 and they are also given an added profit share of £5,617 on top of their usual salary.


There are some good deals on the opposite spectrum of Purchasing, and that is Sales. A career in this field is also something that people of the UK may start considering. The starting salary may lead you to earn £21,508 per year, which will quickly increase only after a few years of experience.

But what is great about this position is that it allows you to earn various, substantial bonuses that come on top of your regular pay. You can actually earn somewhere between £2,466 and £21,287 on commission, all depending on how good you are.


If you are considering a career in Marketing, you should know that it is not a bad idea at all. Starting as a Marketing Coordinator will allow you to earn a salary of £21,957. Advancing to a Marketing Executive will allow you to increase your rate to £23,378.

But if you are working in this field you should gravitate towards reaching the highest position because that is where the best money lies. Being a Marketing Manager will substantially increase your earnings to somewhere around £32,995. Of course, there are also added commissions which will increase your final salary to anywhere between £22,913 and £53,393.

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