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‘Enough is enough’ Tory MPs demand Dominic Cummings to resign

24th May 20 1:51 pm

Tory MPs are calling for Dominic Cummings to resign after he allegedly breached coronavirus lockdown rules on 31 March by driving from London to Durham to visit his family.

Steve Baker who previously worked with Cummings penned an article in The Critic on Sunday saying, Cummings had “clearly broken” the lockdown rules, with trips to see his family in County Durham.

Baker said that changes are “immediately required” to improve the government’s response over coronavirus.

Baker wrote, “Enough is enough.

“I and others saved him once before when he was driving Vote Leave to implosion.

“Not today. Dominic Cummings must go before he does any more harm to the UK, the government, the prime minister, our institutions or the Conservative Party.

“Time is up. It is time for Dom to resign so Boris can govern within the conventions and norms which will see us through.”

Fellow Tory MP Simon Hoare also urged for Cummings to “consider his position” in a tweet he posted on social media on Sunday morning.

“With the damage Mr Cummings is doing to the Government’s reputation he must consider his position,” he tweeted.

“Lockdown has had its challenges for everyone. It’s his cavalier ‘I don’t care; I’m cleverer than you’ tone that infuriates people. He is now wounding the PM/Govt & I don’t like that.”

Damian Collins MP said, “Dominic Cummings has a track record of believing that the rules don’t apply to him and treating the scrutiny that should come to anyone in a position of authority with contempt. The government would be better without him.”

Sir Roger Gale MP said, “While as a father and as a grandfather I fully appreciate Mr Cummings’ desire to protect his child.

“There cannot be one law for the Prime Minister’s staff and another for everyone else. He has sent out completely the wrong message and his position is no longer tenable.”

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