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Elevating performance: The role of employee satisfaction in organisational excellence

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Sep 23 10:54 am

In a world of business being on track and standing out of competition is a difficult yet daily challenge for all companies. In order to stand out from competition the companies must be able to achieve organisational excellence, and this exactly starts with employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction at work is one of the most crucial variables when it comes to a company’s performance and success. Hence it is crucial for companies to understand all the ways in which they can ensure their employee satisfaction and retention, in exchange for their motivation and contribution to great results.

In other words, having a precise understanding of employees’ feelings and thoughts should be indispensable for every company striving for success. Based on these finding they should create strategies that will improve staff dedication and commitment. Throughout this article, we shall further explore the importance of employee satisfaction and how it actually benefits organisational excellence.

Employee satisfaction

The term is quite self explanatory, and it is used to describe the emotion of employees within the organisation. It describes how content employees are with their jobs, relation with employers and other colleagues, and in general the company they work for. Many analysts will say it is a key determinant that helps to understand the pulse of an organisation. In order to understand their employee satisfaction, companies tend to organise regular surveys in order to measure and track this important factor.

Although the terms “employee satisfaction” and “employee engagement” are sometimes used interchangeably, the two concepts are distinct even if engagement is one component that influences overall satisfaction. Or to put it differently, satisfaction is important for employee retention, but it is not the best indicator of their performance, while engagement shows employees’ passion for work.

Linking employee satisfaction to organisational excellence

For a company achieving organisational excellence means that they are able to constantly perform on a high level, be innovative and competitive on the market. The sooner the company understands the importance of employee satisfaction, the sooner they might attain their organisational excellence. Why? Because the connection between successful companies and satisfied employees is deeply rooted in both, psychology of human behaviour and business dynamics.

Even though technology is gradually taking over the business world, employees continue to be the most valuable asset of every company. Without them businesses would simply fail to operate, as employees are the brains of all operations, contributing to companies with their talents and ingenuity. Numerous studies on company’s performance and employee satisfaction consistently came to the same results and that is that businesses with highly satisfied employees are typically outmatching their competition in terms of general performance.

In a positive work culture, positive environment, employees tend to feel safe and encouraged to express their ideas, and hence contribute to the company’s innovation and improvement. Even when they are not sharing their ideas, satisfied employees will be giving their best to perform well, to complete all tasks in time and accordingly lead to continuous improvement of the company.

Strategies for better satisfaction

In order to implement strategies for better employee satisfaction, the company should first run a survey to get the employee feedback. These surveys should be concise and easy to comprehend, in order to provide company with all the crucial details. Once the data is gathered and analysed, a company chooses the best strategy to improve the satisfaction of their workers, enhance their productivity and boost motivation.

Building better employee satisfaction might be long process, and this is where coaching companies come in to make it more smooth. Coaching companies are businesses that will help transform both business and organisations through digital coaching programs. Engaging with coaching companies, businesses can get personalised, measurable and scalable coaching programs for their employees in any sector. Here are the other strategies that help.

Response to feedback

One of the primary strategies and most appreciative strategies is acting on the employee feedback. Knowing that their opinion is valued enough to make improvements based on it will empower employees to keep giving the valuable feedback, but also to feel safe and keep performing better.

Training and development

As already mentioned above, through coaching programs employees will be given the opportunity to learn and improve further and advance in their professions. The human resources team might concentrate on seeking out these opportunities to develop these team members and foster an organisation culture that values investing in its workforce. Being well trained and confident in the job they do, will lead to better performance of employees.

Recognition and rewarding system

Acknowledgement is a simple yet effective way to make employees happy, therefore it is essential for company owners, directors or team leaders to express their gratitude to their team members whenever they perform well or at least show that they are giving their best at work. Giving them reward or praise in front of others  in appreciation of their efforts will motivate them to continue their good work. Ideally, they will be more ecstatic about their accomplishments, and then spread their enthusiasm for work to the rest of the team.

As it can be concluded from the article, employee satisfaction is one of the most crucial components in the company’s process of achieving organisational excellence. However, the thought that everyone is enjoying their job does not mean that they are performing well, which is why companies must make sure that employee satisfaction and employee engagement are in perfect sync in order to achieve best results.

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