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Eight free plagiarism detection tools for students to use

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12th Oct 20 3:17 pm

There is nothing more annoying about essay writing than the continued efforts to avoid plagiarism. Students would understand: sometimes, you are 100% sure that there is no borrowed content in your work, but the percentage shows otherwise. Every year it gets harder and harder to write an absolutely plagiarism-free paper.

This problem deeply concerns companies like writepaper.com and the like. Many of them even offer their free plagiarism detection web tools to help students control the amount of the borrowed text. Such instruments largely benefit students whose papers are certainly checked for plagiarism.

In this article, we are going to discuss several best plagiarism detection tools available for free. We highly encourage you to use at least one of them to make sure your writing assignments are free.

Dupli Checker

Even though the interface of this tool is quite simple, it definitely rocks in its duty. It is extremely sensitive and detects all types of plagiarism. There is literally zero chance that plagiarised ideas will go through this software.

Dupli Checker is free of charge for those checking texts under 1000 words. Also, it allows up to 50 free scans per day for registered users. Unregistered students get only 1 scan per day. For many students, these terms are enough. However, large thesis or dissertation papers will require you to pay or seek other free tools.


This plagiarism detection tool combines 5 types of anti-plagiarism software in one. All you have to do is to paste your text and click – you get the best result possible in just a few seconds. Also, you can make as many scans as possible for free.

However, PlagiarismHunt offers only one free tool. Thus, without registration, you can only run your text through one plagiarism detection software. The results of your plagiarism search, as well as your uploaded data, will be deleted after 24 hours automatically.


This tool serves both academia and business. It is a cloud-based authentication platform that helps to detect unoriginal and non-unique content throughout the Internet. The education section of the tool serves schools and students. Its business section is helpful for the SEO teams.

Copyleaks is multilingual and offers a variety of extra tools. It even issues an MS Office add-on to help you track plagiarism while writing. However, the tool is not completely free. You can only scan the first 10 pages without paying a fee.


Quetext is one of the simplest but most used plagiarism detectors on the Internet. It can check your text not only against the Internet content but various databases as well.

Quetext has been completely free for all members for quite a long time. However, the situation has changed now. It is free for both unregistered and registered users but has word and page limits. The more you need to scan, the higher is your need to pay for the service.


PaperRater is an excellent plagiarism detection tool that is widely used across the world. It offers proofreading, spelling check, vocabulary check, and plagiarism detection software. This tool is unique as it combines the expertise of linguists and IT professionals. It also works fast, so you can get the result in several seconds.

It is available to students free of charge, but the submissions should be cut to 5 pages. Should you have more text to check, the Premium account is waiting for you for around $8 per month.

Plagiarism Checker

This tool is very simple and easy-to-use. However, its simplicity does not affect its results. Plagiarism Checker is absolutely free of charge. It applies a step-by-step approach to detect plagiarism in your work. However, it also allows you to check whether others have plagiarised your writing.

All checks are done online, so you do not need to download anything. The only inconvenience you may face is that Plagiarism Checker supports only Google and Yahoo browsers.


PlagTracker is another helpful plagiarism tool that is offered for free to students and people working with content. It scans your text and compares it against millions of content pieces in academic databases and websites.

PlagTracker serves for students as well as for professional writers and publishers. It is absolutely free if you copy and paste your text. To be able to upload the file to check it, a premium account should be paid.


Plagium is a very basic but fully functional plagiarism detector. It offers different levels of search that allows for a deep and comprehensive plagiarism analysis. The tool has quick search and deep search modes. You can choose which one you need.

Students do not have to pay anything if they submit texts below the 5,000 characters limit. However, if they want to upload a larger file and get a report on plagiarism rates, it is better to pay for a premium account.

There are many more plagiarism detection tools offered on the Internet. We’ve collected the most popular ones provided free of charge for you to use. However, there are also more advanced tools that require a subscription for deeper and more sophisticated analyses.

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