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Egypt warns Israel against Gaza expansion as the Middle East risks becoming a ‘ticking time bomb’

by LLB political Reporter
28th Oct 23 1:57 pm

The Egyptian President has warned on Saturday that any further Israeli expansion inside Gaza risks the Middle East region becoming a “ticking time bomb.”

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that Egypt’s sovereignty must be respected after drones were intercepted when they entered Egyptian air space and fell on the towns of Taba and Neweiba leaving six people injured.

Israel has said that the drones were fired by the Iranian backed Houthi rebel group based in Yemen which had originated from the Red Sea on Friday.

Al-Sisi warned, “Regardless of where it comes from, I have warned of the expansion of the conflict. The region will become a ticking time bomb that impacts us all.

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“Egypt is a sovereign country and its sovereignty and position should be respected … Egypt is a strong country and it is untouchable.”

Egypt’s Al Qahera News reported that a missile has hit medical facility in the Red Sea resort town which is a popular Western tourist hotspot.

Al Qahera said that there was a blast in the popular holiday resort town of Taba which is around 136 miles from the Gaza Strip on the Red Sea.

The outlet has reported that an ambulance facility, a residential building and Taba hospital administration centre was hit in the missile strike.

chief military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said on Friday in a televised briefing, “In recent hours, an aerial threat was spotted in the Red Sea region.

“Combat helicopters were scrambled in response to the threat, and this matter is now being investigated.

“To our understanding, the strike that took place in Egypt originated in this threat.

“Israel will work with Egypt, and the United States, and bolster regional defenses against threats from the Red Sea region.”

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