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Does leaflet distribution still work: Perception and reality

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16th Nov 20 4:06 pm

Marketing has totally changed with time!

Today’s digital time has made it mandatory to consider every possible marketing strategy that can drive new customers and boost your online branding to the next level. However, many marketers have underestimated the traditional marketing tactics; leaflet distribution is one of them.

Marketers rely entirely on digital marketing strategies; including email marketing, content marketing, SEO, paid marketing, and many more, to enhance your business exposure. But, they skip understanding how important traditional marketing is. A leaflet is not a new marketing strategy; instead, it is a smart way to make people aware of your new product and services.

Fact: 88% of respondents say door drop campaigns have boosted awareness of a company’s product or service.

Still, many people (marketers) don’t rely on this marketing strategy. So, what is the reality and myths associated with leaflet distribution strategy, and what information you must know about it?

Below listed are some perceptions associated with door drop marketing, followed by their reality.

Myth: Door drop marketing has low response rate

Not many marketers know that an effective strategy for door drop marketing has blessed their businesses with nearly 30% growth. It entirely depends upon how you execute this marketing strategy and engage the customers right at their doorstep.

Myth: Today door drop marketing doesn’t work anymore

NO is the ultimate answer to this myth. People who believe that the leaflet distribution concept is nothing than a scam must brush-up their skills and learn about the potential of traditional marketing tactics. Door drop marketing is still effective based on what services you are offering and how you are planning to entertain your customers.

Myth: Door drop marketing is ineffective than TV, press, and other marketing tactics

Comparing traditional marketing strategies separately, people consider that door drop marketing has the lowest conversion rate than press, TV, and other conventional marketing strategies.

Door Drop marketing is a unique tactic that uses hand-dropped messages with the most appropriate CTA (Call-T Action). It can be effectively implemented with other marketing strategies that will help you get high –end results with a small investment and one time efforts. The most important reason for selecting the leaflet distribution is to hit every customer with the most effective CTA (as mentioned earlier) and give them a long-lasting impression to try your product/services.

Another significant advantage of using this marketing technique is that you get the power of directly targeting every single customer with a leaflet. Here, you get 100% control of which audience to target and deliver them the leaflet as required. In short, you get 100% targeting that result in maximum conversion than any other marketing tactic.

The leaflet marketing’s effectiveness majorly depends upon how engaging your leaflet is, which prominently revolves around its impactful colour, font style, special message, etc.

All in all, if you are planning to promote your services/products through different mediums, don’t forget to make use of traditional tactics that will really help you make a profit from minimal investment. However, you must still research well ahead of making any decision.

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