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Dead people lie in nursing home rooms with bodies decomposing

by LLB Reporter
10th Apr 20 4:32 pm

Bodies have been left in a nursing home and are decomposing in bedrooms and the reek of death can be smelt throughout the home.

A care worker at the Jardin des Plantes home, Paris told Reuters said around a third out of 30 elderly residents had died since the coronavirus outbreak started.

The care worker said, “The smell passes under the doors and permeates through the walls.

“Families would call in the morning, and we’d tell them things were fine.

“By the evening their relative would be dead and we wouldn’t even have had the time to inform them,” the care worker added, describing how staff had been overrun.”

A spokesman nursing home is run by Paris City Hall, confirmed that the number of deaths had risen above the 21 initially reported on 7 April, but could not give a precise figure.

City Hall have been alerted that some corpses were festering inside bedrooms, the spokesman said.

He added, immediate measures had been taken “to limit as far as possible this situation.”

A spokeswoman for the regional ARS health authority in the greater Paris area said Jardin des Plantes was among the 40% of France’s 7,400 homes that had not passed on the information.

The care worker said they are lacking face masks, gloves and gowns for the 80 staff since the outbreak started.

It was also claimed that workers were overstretched as many had fallen sick, before more help arrived.

France has 118,790 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 12,288 deaths and 23,469 people are now recovered.

Scientists in Finland have warned coronavirus can stay in the air far longer than previously thought, through talking, sneezing and coughing.

The scientist released a 3D model showing how the virus spreads in the air through tiny airborne aerosols particles.

Ville Vuorinen, assistant professor at Aalto University in Finland said, “Someone infected by the coronavirus can cough and walk away but then leave behind extremely small aerosol particles carrying the virus.

“These particles could then end up in the respiratory tract of others in the vicinity.”

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