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Data centre in London: Why are they in demand?

by Sarah Dunsby
6th Oct 22 3:30 pm

Companies big and small need data servers to run their business smoothly. While some require a larger server than others, the issue of where to store them rings true for everyone.

In such cases, there is an alternative way to ensure that your servers are always running in their best condition and that is by storing them in a data centre.

If you have the same concern, keep reading to see why working with a firm like Docklands Data Centre, which is an example of a data centre in London, is essential for your enterprise.

What is considered a data centre in London?

In essence, a data centre is defined as a sizable collection of interconnected computer servers that are frequently used by enterprises for the remote processing and storage of enormous volumes of data.

Data centres are known for their colocation services which is where many businesses use a single building to house their IT needs and supply their own gear, including servers and other relevant equipment.

Reasons why data centre in London are extremely popular

Data center colocation is a better alternative to fitting all servers into a space that doesn’t fulfill the criteria for enough storage. Below are just some of the reasons why data centres in London are in high demand.

Helps in business expansion

Growing your business is a dream for many so when the opportunity arises, it is only natural that you want to have a go at it. However, there are many factors that may work against you. A great example of this are IT restrictions.

By utilising a data centre to house your servers and other IT equipment, you will not have to worry about expanding your housing to allocate to these pieces of equipment. While it is given that when a company reaches certain growth, a more significant amount of funds is allotted to hosting and maintaining your IT servers, there is a way to reduce the costs effectively and this is by employing a professional data centre.

More practical than on-site servers

In relation to what was mentioned above, the use of on-site servers pose dangers and disadvantages that may not be realised until after it has happened. For example, calamities and emergencies- these are unforeseen circumstances but the results can be avoided.

Data centres have better proximity and protective measures in place in case of such scenarios. Features such as Temperature Control and generators help in taking care of your servers as well as ensuring that they are running smoothly at all times.

Dedicated security

Of course with protection comes security and by letting your servers be contained in a professional data centre setting, you are also giving them the best possible security measures.

It is imperative that your servers are housed with the best security as they are very crucial to maintaining the flow of your business.

Professional team to look after your servers

Servers may look like they are impregnable, but really, there are some instances that are bigger than them and may cause these supercomputers to have unwanted issues.

In a data centre, you will be guaranteed that any and all issues that will arise within your servers will be dealt with immediately and expertly. Trained professionals will be on the lookout for any concern and will be addressed timely even before it becomes a true concern.

With this guarantee, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that one of the integral parts of your business is in a safe space.

Final thoughts

Data security is imperative in any type of business but it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest trends and ensure that your servers and the data within them are free of threats and any issues.

By storing your servers in a data centre like Docklands Data Centre which offers several different tiers of services to ensure that all of your IT needs are met.

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