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Cryptocurrency is it good for business?

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20th Aug 19 3:33 pm

Business and commerce have evolved over the millennia. From the days of hunters and gathering to farming where skills and products were bartered and then into commerce as we know it today there has always been a form of currency. There are many people who have pondered why the world does not have a single standard currency and why we need to be confused with Euros, Yen Dollars and more. Today we have added to the melting pot of currencies and we now have crypto or cyber currencies and people are trying to get to grips with them.

Currency Trading

Our of the multitude of currencies traders have been trying to hedge their funds and get the best deals through currency trading for decades. This is used by companies all over the planet as an investment mechanism and countries themselves use this to better and strengthen their economies. There are many tools used to help traders get the best returns on forex trading and now cryptocurrencies are also being traded. There are tools for this too, some of the best tools can be checked out here https://top10bitcoinrobots.com

Cryptocurrency in business use

Companies are used to trading in Dollars, Yen, Euros and more, it has become second nature for many businesses. Even small one-man companies can operate in any number of foreign currencies today. As technology makes overseas trading easier and payment gateways are easily linked to bank accounts anywhere to say a company only works in a single currency is folly.  So, if companies have become accustomed to trading in conventional foreign currency it will come to an as little surprise to find the cryptocurrencies are now beginning to appear on quotes and invoices.

Cryptocurrency has real value

Since the very first unconventional currency appeared business has found itself getting closer to using the currency for actual business. Yes, cryptocurrency trading is in itself a business such as Bitcoin Profit many companies and individuals have been converting their bitcoins and other currencies into tangible assets or other items. Indeed, the very first thing purchased with a cryptocurrency was a pizza. While pizza can hardly be considered an investment, it did and does prove that cryptocurrencies do have real value and purpose in the conventional world we live in.

Does cryptocurrency make sense

At first, there was the usual hype on one side and absolute skepticism on the other when cryptocurrency appeared. It was considered a novelty and a fad that would never gain traction. The currency was deemed criminal in some parts of the world and people saw it as being un-secure and therefore perfect for illegal activity such as money laundering. Much of the skepticism was dismissed as the currencies gained traction. Security and exchange controls became tighter and gets tighter daily. As the currencies proved themselves, they gained value and it wasn’t long before they became something of value that companies all over the world could trade-in and exchange either for different cyber currencies or for tangible assets.  In a nutshell, a company that is growing and does not have cyber currency in its portfolio or arsenal of trading methods may well be losing out.

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