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Corbyn catch-up: 9 crazy stories about the Labour leader

by LLB Reporter
17th Sep 15 10:40 am

What’s he been up to?

Love him or hate him, I think we can all agree it’s almost impossible to keep up with the flurry of Jeremy Corbyn stories popping up at the moment.

Well worry not, we’ve compiled the most interesting stories from today into a handy catch-up, so you can know what people are talking about at the pub. Enjoy!

Morrissey predicts Corbyn will be assassinated

At a gig in Plymouth, the vegetarian musician said Corbyn is likely to be assassinated because of his views.

“You know he’s a vegetarian? He doesn’t like the monarchy? He hates war? They’re gonna assassinate him,” Morrissey is reported to have said.

Corbyn and Diane Abbot were lovers

The Labour leader is alleged to have had a romantic relationship with Diane Abbot back in the 1970s when the pair were London councillors.

Campaign to call Cameron the “right-wing prime minister”

A petition to get the BBC to refer to Cameron as the “right-wing prime minister” has attracted nearly 60,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

The petition says: “Every time Jeremy Corbyn is mentioned in a news report on the BBC he is referred to as ‘the left wing Labour Party leader’. In the interest of fairness and un-biased reporting, David Cameron should also be referred to in terms of his place on the political spectrum – ‘the right-wing Prime Minister’.”

People are sharing images of what Corbyn and Cameron were up to in the 80s


“Of course I love my country”

Corbyn was interviewed by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News and defended his stance on not singing the national anthem.


Corbyn C4 news

Labour party membership boost

Corbyn’s victory in the leadership contest saw 40,000 people sign up to Labour membership in just the five days after he was elected – the fastest increase in 64 years.

Corbyn DIDN’T steal sandwiches from veterans

An article in the Guido Fawkes blog yesterday accused Corbyn and his deputy Tom Watson of stealing sandwiches meant for veterans.

However, it turns out the allegations were completely false, after pictures emerged of the duo being handed the Costa bags by volunteers at the Battle of Britain event.

The coffee chain confirmed the bags of sandwiches were for both veterans and guests.

Cassetteboy goes to town on Cameron

“Is David Cameron a threat to context?” the video asks. It certainly looked that way, based on the Tories’ scaremongering Corbyn attack video from earlier in the week.

In a parody of the Conservatives’ video, Cassetteboy this time takes Cameron’s words out of context. Here’s the result:



Millionaire Labour donor offers to fund MPs deserting the party

The owner of Hull City football club Assem Allam, who has donated £720,000 to Labour since 2010, has said he will fund a new party for Labour MPs who are disgruntled by Corbyn’s election and want to leave the party.

He said: “Labour under Comrade Corbyn will not make a government.”

However, it remains to be seen whether anyone will take him up on his offer.


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