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Contentstack making big moves in 2021

by John Saunders
15th Jul 21 1:53 pm

From the expansion of its award-winning customer support program to the fresh investment into its headless content management system, American startup Contentstack has been making waves in the technology space this year.

Contentstack’s headline product is a headless content management system (CMS); you may have seen it being called a “content experience platform” in the company’s marketing campaigns. Headless CMS are different from traditional forms of online content management. They provide all the back-end tools to create and publish content via API but do not provide functionality for creating the front end, such as a platform like Wix or Squarespace.

The benefit of developing this kind of CMS for Contentstack and its customers s that it allows their team to build the best possible back-end solution and give the customer’s development team the freedom to develop or choose a front end solution. Content managers can then create content free from worry about how it will eventually be displayed to users because their team is in complete control.

When Counterstack ran its Series A round investment call in 2019, it raised around $31.5-million and has seen its customer base grow by more than 150% since then. In June this year, its Series B round investment call brought in nearly double that at $57.5-million, bringing total investment capital raised to just shy of $90-million. The brand’s strength is further evidenced by the fact that American venture capital firm Insight Partners led both rounds of investment and are confident in its potential.

In its bid to become a “digitally-led, internationally diverse business of scale, global online betting and gambling powerhouse William Hill chose to partner with Contentstack to create its new core content experience platform. William Hill’s entire portfolio of online properties was rebuilt using Contentstack’s technology, seeking to streamline the customer experience through a centralised hub of all the betting company’s special offerings, such as no deposit bonus codes and sign-up incentives.

Contentstack has also expanded its award-winning customer support program to include an industry-first cross-vendor service to complement this growth. The expansion of its content experience platform has been dubbed “Care Without Compromise™” and will include Contentstack Catalysts, so the company is better able to provide joint customer support for their clients that use multiple technology solutions. Catalysts are partners of Contentstack that offer similar technology and have similar determination for providing high-value solutions to customers.

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