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Clever thinking results in clever drinking

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
14th Jul 20 6:14 am

PoS Insights, an organisation specialising in creating intelligent AI-powered solutions for all manner of businesses, is set to play a vital role in keeping drinkers safe as the UK starts to emerge from lockdown.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of pubs and restaurants around the country were given the green light to open their doors on 4 July, with all establishments under strict instructions to implement systems that will keep customers apart and to ensure that social distancing measures are not flouted.

To assist with ensuring consumers are able to stay safe while out and about, PoS Insights has made use of its extensive AI and technological knowledge to develop a system that is able to capture, analyse and report on levels of activity in pubs around the country.

The system, which only requires the use of an establishment’s existing CCTV network, can highlight the number of people within a pub, how many tables are available at a given time, and how long any wait will be to either get inside or get to the bar. And, what’s more, all of this information is available in real-time.

Speaking about the initiative, John Price, CEO of PoS Insights, said, “With our technology already successfully helping retailers and transport providers across the country, developing the solution to support the hospitality sector was an obvious evolution.

“Everyone across the UK has had a difficult first half of 2020, but with pubs and restaurants now opening their doors, we are all very hopeful that the worst is behind us. However, we fully appreciate that there is a need for vigilance, caution and careful thinking, and we are confident our technology can play a crucial role in keeping people safe while allowing them to get out of the house and socialise.”

This unique analytics system is able to be implemented quickly and easily, meaning establishments can showcase their dedication to keep customers safe while also keeping tabs on occupancy, and simultaneously enabling customers to be kept abreast of how busy their local is.

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